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Vacationing on Bela

The group stops at the planet Bela. Bela is a high population planet that the group took a particular interest in. While wandering around one of the highly organized dome cities of the planet, Dr. Tomorrow and Dialectic look for entertainment on the planet and stumble upon a safari company that takes hunters to the lakes of Bela to hunt the large predatorial species that live inside of them. The two heroes went out and were left at one of the lakes. They waited there for a few hours when out of the depths, an enormous skyscraper-sized beast appeared. The beast had a whale like head and body with enormous squid-like tentacles as hair. The creature attacked the two heroes and they were quickly overwhelmed by its tremendous power. Dialectic made his escape at Dr. Tomorrow’s urging and Dr. Tomorrow descended into the belly of the beast hoping that he could defeat it from the inside. After a long struggle in the innards of the creature, Dr. Tomorrow fell and was dissolved. Dialectic suspected his death and assumed he would revive after a period of time as he has done in the past. However, it took nearly a week for Dr. Tomorrow to show up once more and the crew of The Visitor were about to leave him behind. Dr. Tomorrow was able to contact the crew and get back aboard the ship, but as they were about to leave, the Skrull fleet that had been pursuing them arrived.

News Flash: Nova Corps. in the News
Random Events in the Galaxy

Here’s the news! It shows up on the ship dashboard, perhaps disappointingly, the group isn’t mentioned.

Holo News Net

Battle After Battle Across the Andromeda
Finally Escaping the Skrull Empire

Li-Rogg led the group straight into a trap that everyone was aware of, but felt they needed to do anyways. Li-Rogg had told everyone that Biala Keanu, a criminal and information broker on the Dharri Station. Li-Rogg says that she will attempt to turn them into the Skrull Empire. They go into her offices still to get star charts for the next leg of their journey.There, Li-Rogg and Biala have a tense conversation while she uses her abilities to make Rasq and Dialectic fall in love with her. Dr. Tomorrow decides to act and convinces Li-Rogg to start to battle her. Mona T’zara stands around looking confused as to why Dialectic and Rasq are begging to stay with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow begins the conflict by taking the weapons from the soldiers in the room. Then Li-Rogg blasts the people surrounding him with a bolt of lightning. Biala dodges, easily, out of the way while Rasq and Dialectic get hit. Biala’s desk hits a tank next to the wall and a man falls out. Dr. Tomorrow grabs him and tries to get Dialectic on his way back to the ship. Mona fights with some of the minions and Li-Rogg faces off with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow is able to make it back to the dock with the unconscious individual. When he arrives, the dock is full of Biala’s soldiers. A tense battle ensues and Dr. Tomorrow wipes out a number of those soldiers. During this time, the fight in Biala’s office is going against the heroes as Dialectic and Rasq join Biala’s side. Mona is able to teleport Dialectic back to the ship, where he turns and runs straight back towards Biala’s office. On the way through the dock, Dr. Tomorrow tries to stop Dialectic and Dialectic blasts him and the unconscious man in his arms. They hit the ground and Dialectic runs past. The unconscious man, Mr. Blake, lands acrobatically and tries to punch Dialectic who dodges the punch on his way past.

Mona decides to try again at rescuing her friends and brings an injured Rasq back. This time separation from Biala works and Rasq returns to his senses and helps the heroes fight back. Dr. Tomorrow goes down after being injured by Dialectic and Mr. Blake drags him into the space ship. Mona and Rasq decide they have no choice to go back to get Li-Rogg and Dialectic. When they teleport into the room, they see a badly injured Biala, a somewhat injured Dialectic and at least four of Biala’s soldiers unconscious as Li-Rogg is taken down by Dialectic. Rasq tries to take Dialectic down, but can’t manage it while Mona teleports Li-Rogg back to the ship. Meanwhile, Frederick Blake throws a grenade that kills 6 soldiers outside of the ship and causes the only two remaining conscious soldiers to run away. On the ship, they wake Li-Rogg up and try to decide what to do about Dialectic. An argument breaks out over whether to leave him or not, eventually, Mona and Frederick decide to go take him back. Frederick knocks out everyone in Biala’s office with a stun grenade and the Dialectic returns to his senses.

The crew of The Visitor flee the station and set back out amongst the stars. They travelled onward to a planet of Celestial experiments where, it is believed, that Frederick was taken from. How he was found on the Celestial planet was never investigated and the group moved onward after bathing in Celestial water and witnessing Li-Rogg absorb Celestial energy into the tablet he had picked up earlier. Their next stop, to get fuel, was on the planet Visi. Visi is a highly populated planet and there Li-Rogg tells the group that they’re going to have to start earning money to pay for their trip. The heroes search for work and decide to collect a bounty.

The bounty is on a group of Skrulls who committed a variety of crimes ranging from murder to theft. They had taken their ill begotten gains and fled to the polar regions of the planet. The heroes fight those Skrulls and defeat them though their shapeshifting abilities gave them a little bit of difficulty. Turning in that bounty netted them a bit of money. The group decided to leave the star system quickly, so they took off without waiting on the rest of the bounty. As they approached the Space Warp they were radioed that it was under repair. The heroes found this oddly suspicious and assaulted the base taking over the gate and activating the perfectly operating gate. As they warped away, they noticed a small Skrull fleet appearing in the system as they fled.

News Flash: Terrorists on Raxa III
Holo News Net

The standard new program comes on while you’re all traveling from Raxa III. Check it out here:

Holo News Net

Adventures and Mysteries Aboard "The Visitor"
Discovering the Andromeda Galaxy

The fully staffed crew of The Visitor has taken off from the planet Raxa III. Upon lift off, a series of explosions occurred simultaneously. A number of vehicles had been detonated. The crew pressed on. They mapped their course and headed through the Warp Portal in the system. Their course took them to a strange alien planet. It was without a dedicated name and was instead listed on in an alpha-numeric code.

Upon arriving on the planet, the crew disembarked and found it inhabited by an odd insectoid race. They seemed to be living a simple existence as farms in a small colony. The crew had stopped there in need of fuel and supplies, which they were able to purchase. After the crew, had been refueled, an insectoid alien approached the ship and asked to communicate with the captain. Dr. Tomorrow was volunteered to be the captain and went to speak with the alien. The individual asked if the heroes could destroy an astroid that held a Vinca Worm.

The group took the job to save the people and to get the great reward of a ship based generator that could help camouflage the ship from those who were hunting for the ship. The group took off and tried to destroy the asteroid the worm was on, but failed. In a last ditch effort, they landed on the asteroid and attacked the worm. It struck at them, but with their powers and strength, were able to kill the monster. Afterwards, they boarded their ship and returned to the planet as the asteroid burnt up and crashed into the far side of the planet. The heroes took their reward and refueled and took off to the stars once more.

The slow journey to the edge of Skrull space brought them precariously close to death by boredom and then to being stranded in space without fuel. They managed a stop gap measure by using unrefined hydrogen. Then they came upon an asteroid that had been converted into a space station. The place was a dangerous port of call with a number of threatening looking outlaws, mercenaries, and, perhaps most threatening, bounty hounters. The heroes, needing fuel desperately, stopped. Li-Rogg had a contact on the space station that the heroes decided to contact though he was certain that she would sell them out for the bounty.

A Journey Amongst the Stars Begins
A Near-Death Experience and a Visit to Raxa III

The group of heroes, comprised of Dialectic, Dr. Tomorrow, and Li-Rogg are attempting to flee Skrull space and return to the Milky Way Galaxy. Their stolen Skrull spaceship turned out to be a high-tech military grade ship. They approached the Space Warp and the station nearest to the world they escaped from, but the Skrulls were guarding the point and had a station built there.

Li-Rogg informed the team that they had approached the station because the ship did not have the maps they needed to make the trip to Earth and that Skrull ships were designed for FTL travel only through space warps.

As the group debated their actions, a group of Skrull warships snuck up on them. Panicked, the group made a decision that they weren’t fully prepared to deal with the consequences of. They made a run for the space warp and jumped blindly to wherever it would take them. The entrance to hyperspace was smooth, but the exit dropped the heroes in front within a few thousand miles of a star!

The crew valiently fought against the gravity of the star, but the ships engines couldn’t pull them away. As the ship started to tumble down to the moltent surface below, a tendril of flame burst out of the star with such force that it sent them careening away where they were thrust into the orbit of one of the star’s planets. They made an emergency landing/crashed into this ball of rock where they assessed the damage and found that their ship lay in near ruins.

Dialectic over the period of nearly two weeks was able to get the sensors barely operational, the engines operating at about 10% capacity, and, within a day or two of suffocation, the life support operating. Li-Rogg, decided that they needed to leave the planet despite the shape of the ship and hopes at further repairs, and performed lift-off, they piloted their ship to the nearby planet in the star’s habitable zone. The planet seemed to be a swamp with no inhabitants, but some strange anomalies.

The crew landed on a solidish piece of swampland and sent Li-Rogg out to investigate while Dialectic and Dr. Tomorrow worked on repairs. Li-Rogg discovered a monolithic stone that stood in the middle of the swamp giving off strange radio signals. He returned to the ship and reported his findings. While the crew discussed their next actions, a knock was heard on the ship’s door.

Upon opening the door, a large green swamp creature with enormous teeeth stood in the doorway. Dr. Tomorrow, taking it in stride of course, made a joke, which the alien replied with “You’re under arrest.” The alien, a Quonian named Rasq, worked for the QIA (Quonian Intelligence Agency). They had reports that aliens had landed on the planet and sent him to investigate. The group went to the Quonian city and talked to a chief investigator who questioned them, saw through their deceptions, then decided to help them along their way in the stolen Skrull vessel as a means to draw Skrull attention away from Quon. Rasq asked to go with the group and was given permission assuming he provided reports on Skrull movements and the likelihood of finding allies on Earth.

The Quonians, over a few days, helped the group get the ship into useable shape and provided some supplies, but the ship needed much more work. The Quonians also provided a database of maps for the group to pilot in the surrounding areas with. The crew took off and headed to the megalopolis planet Raxa III.

The crew journeyed to Raxa III and had a short run in with pirates that they easily evaded. They arrived and landed on Raxa III with the help of Li-Rogg’s connections and surprisingly vast fortune. Li-Rogg tells the group that he is headed off to acquire an ID number for the ship, since theirs no longer has one. Dialectic goes and looks for a mechanic to make the ship’s repairs, Rasq goes looks for the star charts that the team needs, and Dr. Tomorrow goes out to have some fun. It is while docking at Raxa III that the crew names their ship “The Visitor”.

While split up on Raxa III the crew has a number of adventures over a few days. Dialectic’s search for a mechanic takes him to the lowest, and most dangerous, levels of this enourmous city. Down there, he meets Mona T’zara when she helps him out of a jam with some local thugs. He decides to hire her to help him out with the ship. Rasq, accidentally, goes to some off the record cartographer that is a front for a cartel. As he is being ushered out the door, a shot member of the gang stumbles in. Rasq decides to try his luck at another place and is able to purchase maps there. Finally, Dr. Tomorrow has more than his share of adventures. Getting a job, looking through a museum, and hanging out at spaceport bars. He returns with the group and get the three of them to go to a seedy bar in the lower part of the city.

In this bar on the surface of the planet, there are a number of dangerous people. Pirates, thugs, and others are hanging around in there. Some paly a strange game that Dr. Tomorrow has never seen and he asks to play. He loses the game, having never played it before, and declares the other person a cheater. His intention was to start a fight, which he succeeded at. The fight ended with him facing down 20-30 men in a bar and his getting shot to death. Thankfully, immortality has its perks.

While Dr. Tomorrow recovers, little else of interest goes on till Li-Rogg shows up with the new ID number and tells them all he’s ready to go. Dialectic hires Mona T’zara to the crew and as they leave, they notice thousands of explosions. Dialectic focuses and can see bits of the cars, owned by the cartel, being blown to pieces. The same cars that Mona worked on.

Aliens Attack
  • Date: August 25th, 2014

Aliens attack while the world is under threat. The battle in Cincinnati is raging when a mysterious group of aliens lands in their flying saucer. The group destroys a building and march out. While they are protected by a force field, two unlikely heroes emerge to counter them. Dialectic and Dr. Tomorrow.

These two heroes fight a battle against their opponents, but they underestimate their cleverness and superior weaponry. The two heroes are defeated and taken from their native Hong Kong. They journey an unknown distance across space and are deposited on an unknown Earth-like planet.

The heroes find that they are the star attractions of a gladiatorial combat test on this medieval planet. Their fellow contestants are extremely powerful, as the heroes find out personally, and seemingly subdued even though the planets inhabitants only have 12th century technology.

The heroes go through with the battle and Dialectic makes it to the final round where he communicates with a dragon-like being that claims to be the last member of his race sentenced to gladiatorial combat. The heroes team up with the dragon and Kree, named Li-Rogg, and escape. They flee the planet as the dragon scorches the castle and presumably destroys it. As they flee, they discover they were on the Kral System.

A Broadcast to the Spaceship
Holo News Net

So, I may do some others of these that aren’t just news broadcasts. It depends.

Anyways, you’re all escaping in the ship when in front of you in the window a hologram is projected. It asks for permission to transmit. The Kree that is with you, Li-Rogg, says “it’s a news broadcast. I’ll let it through.”

Holo News Net

Warzone: Part 4
A Rollercoaster Ride Towards Confrontation
  • Date: September 4th, 2014

After Fog’s heroic victory over Crossfire in his final moments. Crossfire was put in prison and the city of Cincinnati prepared to ship him cross country to a more secure facility, but, while in transit to the other facility, the convoy was attacked east of Batavia and west of Portsmouth. The convoy was guarded by soldiers and APCs. Also, the Thunderbolts were officially escorting it. The superheroes Waterfall and the new hero, Dynamic Disc, were following behind too. So, this led to an epic giant superhero brawl in suberbia. After a grueling battle, The Eleven won. They busted out Crossfire and nearly killed another of Mikie’s characters. (Sorry Mikie!)

Towards the end of the battle, Velocity Beam rushed on to the scene and fought Bullet. He returned to learn that The Eleven had accomplished their goal and were willing to declare a temporary ceasefire while both sides go home. Both sides are able to agree after a little conflict (Because no one wants to go to jail or die.) and split ways. Moments after The Eleven had left, Hyjinks leaps on to the scene. He makes fun of, a now gone, Crossfire and quickly realizes that his opponents are gone. The group heads back to the base to make plans and try to figure out The Eleven’s motives.

After the group made it to the base, Hyjinks, Waterfall, and Velocity Beam investigated the Fisk Industries attack, thanks to a tip from Silverblade. Tabun gas was used to kill and then explode the building. Another, abandoned, building was also destroyed.

The heroes put there heads together and investigated the attacks. They found almost nothing in common with the buildings. They then mapped all of the buildings and two thing stood out. The buildings were completely destroyed and they were all the same distance apart. Hyjinks thought that since there were no other connections that they should investigate a magic connection. The group tried to contact their long missing magic specialist Force. It failed. Then Velocity Beam decided to whip up a tracking device for Force’s communicator. They found his location in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. He was near the Afghanistan border. Waterfall went astral and flew there. It was a military compound. Waterfall decided to investigate the military-looking base.

It turns out to be a Soviet Command Post. He narrows it down to one building, but it has some sort of magic barrier around it. When he makes a hole in it, two Supreme Soviets fly onto the scene. The magic user, Fantasia, tells him to leave. Waterfall returns to Cincinnati empty-handed and the group ponders what to do that’s when Velocity remembers a name in the paper. Waterfall and Hyjinks go and investigate.

They find the professor and talk to him. Despite his unhelpful attitude and Hyjinks basically giving away his superhero identity, they got useful information. They found out the sites of destruction caused by the Eleven were placed on lay lines and that the Eleven could potentially tap into those lay lines to effect the entire world. So, our heroes rush out to stop the villains, but they’re trapped in the building when demons and a magic shield surround the place. They make a heroic push and bust through the demons and the force field and leap back to Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is battling the demon hordes with no idea what’s going on because team communications have been jammed by Iron Mask!

Now, the heroes have to save the world from The Eleven, demons, and whatever their plan is.

WHiH News at 8: 3rd Show
World New at 8

September 2nd

“Hello, this is Patricia Tilby with WHiH News. This is another segment of news at 8. In the news today, Thunderbolts are Stationed in Cincinnati, Mercury Industry’s Monopoly on ATP Drug Comes to an End, Warsaw Pact Countries Seek Trade Deal with EU, and TMZ Airs Commercials About NFL Scandal.

  • The Thunderbolts are, beginning today, stationed in Cincinnati. The crime wave and recent death of a local hero known as Fog has prompted SHIELD to act.
  • Mercury Industries’ long control of the ATP drug production is coming to an end this month. Timely Pharmaceuticals is ramping up production and hopes to roll out their drug in October. The ATP drug industry has been lucrative, but mired in controversy over the side effects of the drug. Mercury Industries has issued a statement that they will review Timely’s findings and may seek a patent lawsuit.
  • Warsaw Pact nations lead by East Germany, have sought a trade deal with the EU. Both groups have close interconnected economies and the Warsaw Pact countries are hoping to expand their market by entering the EU. The Communist nations in Eastern Europe have had an economic boom as of late. This is heralded as a monumental thaw in relations at a time when international conflict is at an all time high. Some political scientists see this as the beginning of the end for Communism.
  • TMZ has aired a commercial about a scandal in the NFL. This channel’s correspondents suggest it’s about crimes committed by a NFL player.

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