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War in an All New Dimension
Tycho Strikes: The Aftermath of Inferno
  • Date: September 10th, 2012

Tycho (Ertannu) was sent by Dormammu to destroy all life in a dimension. Dormammu is Tycho’s ruler as an inhabitant of the dark dimension and his magic permits him to live. Dormammu commanded him to murder the inhabitants of a city and use their bodies in a blood magic ritual to destroy all life in the dimension. Tyvho plans to go through with it till he has a change of heart brought about it through Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg). Eryn convinced him to try and escape back into the earth dimension.

Tycho then freed one of a race of a dinosaur/bird men who can use powerful blood magic again. This being known as a Beipian was imprisoned in an iron maiden on the back of a dragon that Tycho killed. His whole race had been enslaved by the dragon people and imprisoned in iron maidens because their bodies leak magic that causes the destruction of planets in large amounts. The iron maidens are made out of a special metal that prevents the magic leak. The Beipian are also completely submissive now. They do whatever the dragons or anyone commands them to. Tycho decided to free them all even though the one that he freed told him it would be a bad idea. He convinced them to try to live freely by commanding the obedient creatures and says that it was for the best of everyone.

Then The Humbler was sent in with a scroll that could perform the ritual to take everyone back to earth but Doctor Strange had to fight Dormammu to get him in and placed him in the dragon men’s city instead of next to Tycho. He was attacked by the dragons and the scroll got burnt. At about that time Eryn and Tycho attacked. They were greatly outnumbered at but through superior tactics busted in and freed 2/3rds of the Beipians. Their victory was thanks to demons summoned via dark magic. Thier demon forces were down to about 10,000 demons in their army though and the dragons still had an army of 780,000. So, Eryn and Tycho are hanging out in the woods trying to figure out what to do next.

The Humbler helped his dragon captors fight off the demons and they accepted him and treated him kindly. They promise The Humbler to help him find his friends and get back to Earth if he helps them kill the demons. The Humbler accepted and now he is about to attack Tycho. The dragons also gave him a suit of armor.

The World Burns
A Heroes Death

Tycho (Ertannu) realizes that the demons currently in the realm are actually people controlled by Chaos magic. Celestya is currently knocked out. They are currently on top of the building immediately after Apocalypse, who they had fought and defeated, fled. Timeless decides that the heroes should ask Doctor Strange to help Celestya with her demonic possession.

The Humbler, Tycho, and Autopsy remain behind while the other go to Dr. Strange. Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) was warned by Dr. Strange that there was a disruption in the force. “My mediation has led me to believe that there will be a demonic influence upon our plane, centered in NYC. Eryn, will you Assist me?” Eryn agrees and arrives in NYC.

Autopsy grabs Humbler and Tycho and swoops them down to the earth, 102 stories below. The Humbler destroys a fire hydrant and uses his arms to force the water pressure upon the group of demons in front of them. Tycho freezes several demons into place. Eryn arrives and joings the group and joins up with them in combat against the demons. With his gauntlets, the Humbler swings at the demons and misses. Tycho continues to attack. A demon attempts to use a fire-based attack on the Humbler (lol).
Timeless, with Celestya, arrive at Dr. Strange’s house. Suddenly, Celestya’s body begins to transform back to normal, but she is still unconscious.

Fighting Inferno with Inferno
A Clash in San Francisco

A few months have passed and Omega and Inferno have become established in San Francisco. As well as their fierce rivalry with the AEF. They are on patrol and joined with a new hero, Micro. Micro, Inferno, and Omega stumble upon a villainess named Inferno committing burglary. They begin to battle her and find out quickly, that her armor is too sturdy to injure her. So, in desperation, they struggle futilely against her. As they are nearly about to be defeated, Micro creates an adamantium ice pick and gives it to Inferno who rushes forward and stabs it, purposefully, into the spine of Inferno. Paralyzing her. An embarrassing court case ensues after her arrest. It questions the legal rights of superheroes to commit such acts of brutality and get away scot free. In the end, our heroes escape scot free!

Meanwhile in San Francisco...
More Heroes Appear

In San Francsico Omega helps form an Avengers Expansion Franchise. This goes over successfully but Omega does not perform well enough on the test to become a member. Omega is bitter and seeks to destroy the AEF reputation and make them look like fools. So, Omega strikes out on his own and continues to perform acts of superheroics until the fateful day of his battle versus Titania. Omega battles Titania and is losing. Inferno comes to his aid but Omega is destroyed by Titania before they can defeat her. Inferno helps rebuild and repair Omega.

Enter The Avengers

Avengers responded to the global crisis of rogue superhumans toppling the Soviet Union. As the Quinjet lands and they exit, they give Hyperion and his team one last chance to surrender. They refuse, and a battle for all ages begins. The Avengers battle their hardest but can not defeat the Squadron Sinister. The two forces battle and in the end, all but one of the Avengers must face off against the remaining Squadron Sinister members. It is the Mighty Thor having already defeated Hyperion, must face Freda, Man O’ War, Pulse, and Power Princess. The battle is fierce and quickly going towards the Squadron Sinister until Pulse threatens to kill Captain America, and then the rest of the Avengers. This infuriates Thor and he destroys Man O’ War, kills Pulse, Knocks out Power Princess, and takes Freda back to Asgard to receive her punishment from Odin which is decided as execution.

The Harder They Fall
The End

The villains decide to form their own team to confront the united heroes.

So, Freda begins her spiel about how they need to join up and fight the European team. When she is just about done with her speech Hyperion interrupts him and says" Actually, we have another proposition for you. Join our team." Then Freda says " You know who goes to other people’s stores and advertises for their own store?…. Dicks thats who!" Freda and Hyperion fight and Freda loses. Hyperion drags Freda’s unconscious body in and says anyone else got a problem with me? Pulse says “Actually, I do.” So, they fight and Hyperion takes him down as well. He comes back repeats the question and everyone is like nope we got no problem with you.

The Bigger They Are
Villainous success

The story begins with Operation Man O’ War finally finishing building itself in an underground bunker in Germany. As it turns on the one and only Fuuten appears in front of him. He walks up and says " I have been waiting on you." (Man O’ War talks like the assasin droid from Star Wars) (When I say he talks like the assasin droid I mean he says Statement: or Query: before saying something) Man O’ War asks who he is and Fuuten starts his crazy talk in front of him and finally Fuuten suddenly and out of no wear teleports him away and into downtown Berlin. At this same moment Freda busts out of a mystical portal and punches a bus into the sky. She then precedes to murder a bunch of people.

The Beginning of the Apocalypse

They prepared for the coming of Inferno. They defeated the first wave of the Inferno but Apocalypse has been freed as well as numerous demons. Not to mention the fact that Celestya and Autopsy have been transformed into demons along with a large section of New York. It does not bode well for our heroes.

A Love of Pancakes Runs Sour...
The Break Out from the Irish Superhuman Prison

An investigation uncovers the criminal movings of the Hobgoblins European criminal Empire. With Autopsy hot on his trail and the revelation that someone (linked to the Hobgolin) is shipping power nullifies into Ireland things are tense.
Autopsy informs Seth about these movements and Seth begins to build a countermeasure with his “protege” Stellianos Hadjiyannis, while Autopsy investigates further. Seth puts him in contact with Spider-Man and Boltine because of the Hobgoblin connection. On a lead Shooting Star, Autopsy, and small group head to a suspected drop point for Hobgoblin. They find a docking warehouse all but empty, until they are ambushed by several “D List” villians like Orka, and a few others led by the hired assassin Bullseye. The heroes seem to make quick work of their foes, with Autopsy bringing down the house by dragging a ship into the building, accidentally killing Bullseye. Orka in the process seems to develop delicious man taste for Autopsy.

Ultron Stikes
A God Falls

Ultron invades Slavonia destroying the country and killing all of its people. The heroes fly into action and fight against his army of lesser Ultrons. In a long and drawn out battle, where Autopsy makes good use of the Cosmic Power he had absorbed from Seth’s energy doppleganger, they are able to defeat Ultron and stop his plans for the world. This takes all of the heroes so far and the group is barely able to survive the onslaught of Ultron and his thousands of duplicates. The Humbler, who was initially indisposed for the mission, appears as the tide finally turns against the heroes and fights back. Together, the heroes make one last desperate push and destroy Ultron. In this final push, Gobannos is killed. His body is taken back to his home plane where the gods may be able to revive him.


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