Marvel Superheroes

Down Time in Downtown Dublin
A Falling Out

After the defeat of Eclipse and the destruction of the Soviet Plans the heroes take some much needed down time. A series of interesting personal life things occur. Frank Bastion goes on his date with his co-worker Vinette Valentine; Vinette calls back and gets Olive Owens, it doesn’t go well as Vinette thinks Olive is Frank’s wife. Olive plays it up and does her best to sabotage their relationship. Olive Owens meets Kevin Kent at the Dublin Enquirer. Mike Glidewell decides to switch jobs from Stark Industries to Mercury Industries. He does so in the hopes of greater freedom and the knowledge that he won’t have to hide his identity from Seth. Seth finishes building his school for mutants and recruiting students for the new years. He starts to hire the final staff members.

Clash In The Missilie Silo
Versus the Supreme Soviets

The heroes invaded the missile silo and decided to break up into two groups. Captain America‘s group went for the missile control computers. Captain America’s group consisted of Stellianos Hadjiyannis, Seth, and Captain America himself. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel’s group went to destroy the missiles. Her group consisted of Boltine, Hindrance, The Humbler, and Ms. Marvel herself.

The groups are able to defeat the Soviet forces that are guarding the location through some clever plans and robotic helicopters that Stellianos was able to whip up. The group defeats the soviet superheroes again and manages to take Eclipse into custody while realizing his true identity as Captain Ultra. Happy that he survived, but upset by his actions under the mind control of the Soviets, the group debates what to do with him. The mind control had worn off so the group allowed Eclipse to go free on the promise that he would go far away and not engage in superheroics ever again. despite some protests.

Into The Eastern Bloc

After the defeat of the Supreme Soviets, Boltine and Nor’easter head back to Moira Mac Taggert’s to hold the Red Guardian there. The two heroes return to Muir Island and it was slightly damaged from the battle that went on there. They put the Red Guardian in a holding cell there and Seth interrogates him. He refused to give up any information then Seth came up with a plan to release the Red Guardian and get the plans behind why the Supreme Soviets were attacking Ireland. Seth released the Red Guardian that night and started to sneak out of the place with him.

Total Eclipse
And Another Recruitment Drive

Roughly another week passes and Seth, Illyana Rasputin, The Humbler, and Hindrance are traveling to Indonesia for another recruitment mission. Boltine refused the offer to go because he was angry with Sean Cassidy, Banshee. Boltine decided to use the time that the other heroes spent flying across the globe to go to work. While at work, he heard of an attack by costumed menaces and decided to go stop the attackers. As Boltine landed, he saw an array of super villains in front of him, consisting of Red Guardian, Perun, Sputnik, and Eclipse. These were the famous members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’s super team Supreme Soviets. Boltine quickly realized that the Soviets had traced the Dublin heroes as the individuals that were in East Berlin. Luckily, Banshee had sent some of his students and one God of the Forge to stop the villains. Nor’easter, Gobannos, and Firestar landed in time to hear the end of Eclipse’s warning to Boltine to leave and save his life.

An Experiment Gone Right
The Villain Known as Eclipse

A few weeks after the defeat of rescue mission to save Illyana something startling happens. As the heroes are going through their normal everyday lives they hear about a rampage going on in downtown. The heroes go to the downtown area and notice this is a true rampage the likes of which they have not faced before. So the four assembled heroes, Boltine,Hindrance,Seth, and The Humbler decide to stop the masked marauder.

The group can not discover the reason for his actions and soon realize that there will be no reasoning with the man. So, they spring into action. During the first round of fighting Hindrance is grabbed and nearly killed. Her fate seems certain till the other heroes manage to get the villain to release her. Seth, desperate in the face of overwhelming odds, tries to convince the man to leave and it nearly works! As he is flying away, Hindrance frustrated and angry, attacks the man in revenge. He roars with anger flys straight back into the fray. Boltine, while fighting him, asks who the masked man is and he is barely able to respond with the name Eclipse. Eclipse quickly defeats the group and as he grabs Hindrance to kill her, the powerful Gobannos flys onto the scene causing Eclipse to step back. He stares off with Gobannos and weighs his options and then takes off leaving our heroes alive.

Recruitment Drive
The New Mutants

Seth returns with Illyana Rasputin to Muir Island and leaves her there with Banshee andMoira Mac Taggert. Seth is then asked by Banshee to recruit another child for a new school that Charles Xavier and he are planning on building. Seth and Nor’easter then leaves to upstate New York where a young woman known as Angelica Jones (Firestar) lives. After some discussion with the father he is invited back to talk to Angelica the next day. As the pair make their way back to the house they see a giant robot landing in front of it.

Seth recognizes it as a Sentinel and attacks. The two heroes defeat the Sentinel handily and go to talk to Angelica. Angelica is willing to go and with Seth’s help is able to convince her father to let her. Seth flies with Angelica back to Muir Island and leaves her there with Moira and Sean. Seth after returning with Angelica and completely impressing Moira and Sean with his recruiting skills is asked to recruit multiple students for them. Seth accepts the job and is sent back to the United States and lands in Baltimore to recruit a young man named Rusty Collins. After much convincing and gently telling Rusty’s parents he is a mutant, Rusty is also recruited to the Xavier Academy Cork.

The Final Piece
Seth Joins The Story

This story line begins with Boltine, Hindrance, Captain Ultra, and The Humbler being contacted by Banshee. Banshee, Sean Cassidy tells them that they need to save Illyana Rasputin from East Germany. Not long after Banshee contacted the three heroes, Moira Mac Taggert told a contact of hers that he was needed to save Illyana Rasputin from East Germany. The heroes make it to West Berlin easily and have some trouble sneaking across the border, as robotic soldiers fly around the top of the wall. Boltine tries to sneak across in the cloud cover but is spotted and chased away.

Traitor in the Paper
The Hobogoblin is Spotted

A few days after the heroes fight and defeat the Mongoose. Hindrance is out on patrol, while The Humbler follows silently behind. Hindrance while surveying the city notices one of her coworkers from the Dublin Enquirer and gets the feeling he may need her help tonight and follows him. As she follows him he sneakily ducks into an abandoned building. Hindrance investigates the strange behavior of her colleague and upon entering the building finds out he was meeting The Hobgoblin.

More Heroes: Another Hindrance
Meeting The Mongoose

A new hero appears on the streets of Dublin from the United States. This young woman known to many as the comic book artist Olive Owens has a secret, she is also the young heroine known as Hindrance. Not long after she exits the airport does she encounter a man dressed like what Olive says is a cat robbing shops in the downtown area. Olive quickly dons her mask and goes out to confront the villain. After a battle throughout the streets of Dublin, Hindrance is defeated and the villain that is actually known as Mongoose escapes. Hindrance is recovered before the police get to the scene by The Humbler who takes the wounded woman back to his apartment.

After she recovers and demonstrates her powers they go together to defeat the Mongoose. At a shipping dock on the waterfront the two heroes find the Mongoose inside the building surrounded by the police. The Humbler is able to convince the police to allow them in. Inside the building they combat the Mongoose for the life of a criminal. The Mongoose is barely able to take them down and is about to kill the criminal when Boltine and Captain Ultra bust in and take down Mongoose and save the other two heroes. This is the first time the heroes meet Cpt. Ultra. After this Olive Owens moves in with Frank Bastion.

Introduction to Gobannos and Nor'Easter
The Rampaging Rhino

At roughly the same time that Boltine and The Humbler turn in the Beetle, two new heroes enter the scene in Dublin. The first of these new heroes Nor’easter is a young man who is a student of Moira Mac Taggert at Muir Island known as Liam. He had travelled to downtown Dublin to contact the food supplier to Muir Island. After making contact and picking up some groceries, Nor’Easter began to head back to Muir Island. On his way to the port he sees The Rhino destroying parts of downtown.

Nor’Easter takes it upon himself to stop the villain’s rampage and does battle with the Rhino. After a vicious battle, Nor’Easter comes out the victor and turns him over to the police. Meanwhile, across town in a bar, a man known only as Gobannos sees the news footage of Rhino’s rampage and decides to stop him. He takes one mighty leap and arrives on the scene to find out The Rhino had already been defeated. He decides to inspect the facility that can hold such a man and leaps to the prison and sees the Rhino escaping. Gobannos pounds Rhino into submission and decides that the mortals of Ireland could use his assistance.

He then proceeds to bust into a meeting of the Irish legislative branch. He offers to build a superhuman prison and refuses to be escorted out of the building. Finally, the officers are able to convince him to leave and he is taken to the police station. They release Gobannos saying that they have no way to hold him and he doesn’t seem like a bad guy but before he leaves they extract a promise of assistance from him.


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