Marvel Superheroes

Introducing the Heroes of Japan
Jinzo, Argus, Sensei, Black Hole, Kokoro and Agent Grimes
  • Date: June 1, 2014

The focus of our story has moved once more. Now, set in Japan our story is focused on the adventures of Black Hole, Kokoro, and Sensei. The heroes Jinzo and Argus are important as well. As some of Japan’s premiere super scientist, they’ll certainly assist the group in the challenges to come. Jinzo, Argus, and Sensai also were the heroes that saved Japan from the technological menace that was Teku. Teku was a robotic menace that was building a force to conquer the islands. With the support and assistance of these heroes; Kokoro, Sensei, and Black Hole will have the support they need to protect Japan from various threats.

Heroes of Iceland
The Badger, The Crimson Crusader, and Alex's Character?

The heroes of Iceland come together and protect Iceland from an AIM incursion that turns out to actually be a diversion to steal Iron Man’s armors for the Soviet Union. Finally, there was one other major event. In Iceland, AIM was found. Iron Man visited helped some local superheroes take them out and while Tony was away, a mysterious group busted into his Malibu home and stole 7 suits of Iron Man army. The last place they were tracked to was East Germany.

Events During the Timeskip
Strange Happenings

The heroes have just invaded Fuuten’s underwater city. Where it went about as well as you imagined. The number of heroes dead or missing after those battles are like 15. With a lot of big ones in that list. Like Thor. Fuuten, at near death, offered the cosmic Awareness power to Lanthanoid, who took it, and then made to run, but Emet tackled him and threw him into the sun. Doom followed trying to get the power, but Emet knocked him into the sun. Doom teleported himself away and Emet and Fuuten died.
After this, everyone returned home. Dr. Doom ruled Latveria for a while, but then a magical disturbance happened and Doom went missing, presumed dead.

A lieutenant of his took over Latveria and started selling Doom’s arsenal to supervillains and terrorist groups. Nick Fury put together a group of superheroes together and invaded Latveria. He successfully ousted the lieutenant but this created a huge diplomatic issue when the next democratically elected ruler of Latveria threatened retaliation and just in general made a huge deal out of it. This looked particularly bad on superheroes because it looked like they just could, on a whim, overthrow countries.
About a month after the event, which was covered up by SHIELD and made to look like a revolution, the information was leaked to the US government and the press. It turns out that Nick was supposedly not given permission to do it. Anyways, this got Nick Fury fired. Then he disappeared.

Then about a week after this information on the cause of the destruction of Hartford and what happened to the superheroes was leaked. This reflected badly on superheroes involved.

Around June 2013, The Stamford event happens with Nitro and The Warriors as they are called here. Like the next day, Doctor Doom appears in Latveria, crushes the Latverian military and retakes the throne of the country singlehandedly.
The Stamford event pushes people over the edge and the Superhuman Registration law passes. This causes the superhero Civil War. Without Captain America around however, the Civil War ends up dirty, long and brutal.

Then in November the big reveal happens one day on the news, it is announced that because of his ineffectiveness at dealing with the Civil War, Iron Man would be forced to step down and replaced with a close advisor to the United States Government. The person that leaked the information of the invasion of Latveria, the truth about the destruction of Hartford, and one of the drafters for the registration law will be the new head of SHIELD. This person is Dr. Doom.

So Doom helps the Registration win the Civil War By the end of the month and nearly all heroes become registered. Doom then has all of the United States greatest scientists create an unbreakable supervillain prison and Doom runs SHIELD and the Initiative so well that crime is nearly eliminated from the United States. It’s like Iceland or Japan crime levels. Supervillains flee the US because it’s too dangerous to be a villain there.

On the other side of the world, the Anarchist was taken down after Kazakhstan nearly fell to him. The USSR came in at Kazakhstan’s “request”. With a virtual army of superheroes, they came in embarrassed The Anarchist and proceeded to take over all of the former Soviet Republics in that area and Afghanistan. This was named the Christmas Operation. Two bad Christmas’s in a row…

They were led by a blonde Superman. He’s amazingly powerful. He smashed a mountain in Afghanistan to kill the Taliban that were hiding out in there. The Soviet’s haven’t given a press release about him yet.

The most recent news is that there were some invasions of giant minotaur creatures in Japan, Ireland is doing amazing still. Thanks to Mercury Industries. Finally, there was one other major event. In Iceland, AIM was found. Iron Man visited helped some local superheroes take them out and while Tony was away, a mysterious group busted into his Malibu home and stole 7 suits of Iron Man army. The last place they were tracked to was East Germany

Season Finale
Versus Fuuten
  • Date: December 26th, 2012

The many battles against Fuuten‘s forces and assault against him come to an end when he pushes the heroes to far. The heroes assaulted Fuuten’s base after Fuuten, angry about no one coming to his Christmas Party blew up the city of Hartford, Connecticut. This lead our heroes to assemble a force of the mightiest of Earth’s heroes to assault the evil mastermind at the bottom of the Earth. The battle against Fuuten’s forces was nearly impossible. Many heroes sacrificed themselves to destroy Fuuten and they were successful. In a final battle, the heroes destroyed Fuuten thanks to the sacrifice of Emet who teleported Fuuten into the sun. Dr. Doom also followed through the portal trying to gain the power that Fuuten possessed. Fuuten had given his power to the robot Lanthanoid however. So, Doom escaped the sun leaving Fuuten and Emet to be destroyed in the inferno and returned to Earth.

After this climactic battle, things settled down for a short time. The heroes returned to their homes and settled back into their routines. Autopsy (having once again adopted his original identity) returned to Ireland and continued to work with the Gaelic Guardian and Seth. Celestya finished medical school and became a full time doctor in the place of the missing Tycho. Lanthanoid journeyed to Latveria and gave Doom omniscience. Eryn worked at his magical prowess while studying with Dr. Strange. Mercury went back to learn from Seth. Finally, The Humbler moved away from Dublin and settled down with Vainglory.

The Adoring Public
A Media Attack

The public is turned against the heroes by the work of a mysterious villain and the work of the Anarchist.

Anarchy Descends
Anarchist Shows his Hand

A man known as Anarchist attacks Jerusalem and starts to spread his beliefs throughout Western Asia. This causes Emet the Golem to take notice and pursue him. Also, Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) travels to Japan. An assault on the Anarchist ends with death. The heroes try to stop The Anarchist as he sows chaos throughout Central Asia. A new hero, Lanthanoid, joins the group as this time as well. Their first conflict with him, he escapes as they have trouble dealing with his lackeys. They then meet up with him again and he leads them into a factory where they battle Flagsmasher. Lanthanoid murders Flagsmasher by pouring molten steel on him. The Anarchist video tapes this as he was looking for ways to discredit the heroes.

Autopsy's Capture

Autopsy was beaten into a bloody pulp by a group of collected supervillains that had a vendetta against Autopsy. They beat him and brought him back to an abandoned warehouse. All of this on the command of a mysterious woman. The other heroes went to save him but upon arrival the building in which he was being held exploded. The mystery woman revealed herself to Autopsy and informed him that she blamed Autopsy for the death of her father who was killed in an early fight between Autopsy and Ironclad. Autopsy barely survived the explosion and lost the trail of his would be assasins.

A Shattered World

The heroes are rebuilding and trying to get their lives together. The heroes go about repairing their civilian identities and finding those that were lost during the war. The also spend time rebuilding. Then the assassination attempts begin anew on Autopsy. He begins to hunt after the culprit again. Autopsy struggles and the attacker seems to be always one step ahead of him.

Final Push
A Changed World

Date: December 6th, 2012

The heroes that were rescued from the first failed assault of Kang’s base manage to come too. They had been trapped for nearly a month inside a mysterious alien pyramid that hypnotized them and made them think everything was ok. The heroes broke free and took over the pyramid and sent it towards Kang’s base.

The heroes make an assault on Kang’s base with all of the resources they have gathered and all of the people they have left. The mysterious pyramid that Captain America has taken control of, the Master’s base, the remaining Avenger’s force, and any other heroes make the attack against Damocles. The heroes breach the shield, assault the base and take down the power source for the whole base. This causes Damocles to collapse. It lands on top of a small town in Maryland and destroys most of the city. Kang emerges from the rubble gives a short speech and fights the heroes of Ireland and Captain America.

The heroes defeat Kang and imprison him.The heroes want to kill Kang, but Captain America stops them. He says that the world needs justice. It doesn’t need a group of powerful individuals taking the law into their own hands. The whole world needs the closure that will come from Kang’s trial. Kang is imprisoned and on the day of his execution, the Scarlet Centurion saves him. Captain America and Tycho are guarding the place and chase after Kang. Tycho uses his powers to throw off the time jump, but Captain America gets split and lost into the time stream. Tycho confronts Kang, but this is a fight he knows he can’t win. Kang stands up and ignores Tycho. He confronts Scarlet Centurion and brandishes a weapon. The Scarlet Centurion turns to Tycho and prepares to battle him, but as he is about to speak Kang attacks. Tycho prepares to defend, but Kang stabs Scarlet Centurion. Delivering him a fatal wound that would soon kill him. Kang catches his son in his arms and sadly says “If I am to be free, Kang can not tolerate traitors in his camp. My son, I know that you helped the woman known as Carol Danvers, but I had hoped that you would learn from your folly and become a great ruler, a ruler I could be proud of. I had accepted my death, it was my time, but you could have been a great man. Many great men start their lives as traitors to their father. (Turns to Tycho) Leave me. We are done here.” Tycho decides to leave Kang stranded in the future knowing that his devices were wrecked and he was likely trapped imprisoned in time.

The Battle Rages On
First Battle Versus Kang and Scarlet Centurion

The heroes in France (Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg), Golem (Emet), Mr. Virtue, and Tycho (Ertannu)) are assaulted by Kang’s forces. The battle line is able to hold, thanks in no small part to Hercules, Thor, Firebird and She-Hulk but the fighting is completely brutal and the heroes feel the forces which Kang brings against them. The commander of Kang’s forces calls down an orbital strike on Thor which causes massive damage to the surrounding area and hurts Thor badly. The heroes Micromax and Peregrine fall to the strength of Kang’s Growing Men. While, they are able to save the life of Micromax, Peregrine is dashed against the defenses and his innards are spread across the battlefield. This was disheartening to the team but they held out and drove Kang’s forces off for the first day.


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