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Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 3
Third Issue

This is the last issue before our first full session. Enjoy.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 2
Second Issue

Check out the second issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 1
First Issue

Check out the new issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Surveillance of Fuuten's Base and Battle Plans
The Heroes Realize the Danger

Date: August 5th, 2014

The heroes make their way to the area above Fuuten’s former city. They use their abilities to take surveillance of the city and the results are not promising. They struggle to come up with an acceptable plan and ultimately try to surprise the new lord of the city and free Ryujin. The plan involves two teams splitting up and trying to sneak in to the city. While doing this, they look for the chance to make contact with anyone who would be willing to help the heroes in freeing Ryujin.

Fuuten’s Underwater City

New Release of the Tokyo Shimbun
2nd Release

Check it out, a new release of the Tokyo Shimbun up-to-date with the latest world info.

Tokyo Shimbun

A Meeting Over Waffles
That's About All That Was Accomplished

The group met together to discuss the information that Kokoro brought to the group. The discussion of Ama and what the Japanese gods were planning on doing. It seems likely that the group doesn’t want to invade Fuuten‘s undersea base. So, The Courier formed together a team of scientists to work on the problem. The group includes Iron Man, Argus, and Jinzo. Along with Kokoro, The Courier, Black Hole, and Sensei. They are currently working in the Courier’s lab in Las Vegas.

A Recent Edition of the Tokyo Shimbun
A Popular Paper Covers Recent Events

The Tokyo Shimbun has covered some of the recent events from Japan, take a look.

Tokyo Shimbun

Down Time
The Adventures of Kokoro and Black Hole

The attacks of Susanoo caused enormous destruction and casualities. After the attacks by Susanoo the heroes were separated. The Courier (with an injured Agent Grimes) traveled around Japan help with some of the disaster relief and researching more about Susanoo and his attacks to figure out what was going on there. Sensei assisted in the disaster relief in Tokyo and Big Hero 6 helped around all over the country. Black Hole, during this time, took the boy named Ryou Yukimura with him to his home so that he had a place to stay till a family was found for him. The two of them had a few adventures and Black Hole, with Sensai, defeated a small force of Oni that appeared in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Kokoro was escaping from Ama Ama, the realm of the kami. Kokoro tried to save people from captivity by Susanoo, but found no one willing to leave. After talking to a dragon and seeing an old motherly woman enter the castle, Kokoro flew off of Susanoo’s cloud with a makeshift hang glider. She then started to traverse the realm of Ama. She had many strange adventures, but then escaped thanks to the help of a friendly fox. She returned to Japan on the 7th of June afte being gone for 3 days and promptly headed to Tokyo.

The Mastermind Revealed
Susanoo Strikes

After tracking the androids source back to the origin, the heroes are able to narrow down their search field. The go north of Tokyo and while searching there, Ushi Oni attack in force. At least 30 of the massive creatures attack and they overwhelm the already worn down heroes. Bravely, the heroes resist the incoming forces, but they retreat on The Courier’s jet. Meanwhile, Agent Grimes has been conducting his own investigation and discovered that the Ushi Oni usually work in conjunction with another creature. While returning to the team to deliver the news, he sees one of the androids entering a house. Agent Grimes, bravely, destroys the house with a flurry of grenades killing both the android and the unwitting family that occupied the house. Despite this heinous act, the Agent enters the remains of the house and finds a lone surviving child who has unexpectedly survived the volley of grenades. Agent Grimes leads the kids from the house and upon exiting, runs into a nure-onna. This snake woman, attacks and nearly kills Agent Grimes and as he is about to breath his last breath, the high tech wonder The Courier saves his life. The team takes the pair in and goes on to the origin of the android signal, a Japanese style castle in the sky. The teams lands at the castle. Sensei, Sunpyre, Kokoro, Silver Samurai, The Courier, and Black Hole disembark the ship and assault the castle seeking to save Japan from the invasion of magic and technology. The heroes battle through the castle and meet their opponent, Susanoo. Susanoo had used some sort of magical energy to take over the minds of Big Hero 6. The Japanese god had plans to take over the islands of Japan. The heroes barely defeat him and are able to make a tactical withdraw from his flying fortress. Rescuing Big Hero six and getting them the medical treatment they needed, only after going to get breakfast. (Probably at the internationally famous chain “Waffle Good”. Though Kokoro stays behind to search for any more prisoners.

Japan Under Siege
The First True Trial For Are New Heroes

Date: June 6, 2014

Black Hole, Sensei, Agent Grimes, Kokoro, and The Courier are tested for the first time. Black Hole, whose true identity is Linus Lackey, adjusted quickly to his new home and work for the large Japanese corporation Mitada. The Mitada Corporation is owned by the superhero Sensei and ran by the other Japanese hero Argus. The heroes having established themselves took on the first threat to Japan. Massive creatures came from the ocean and attacked Tokyo. These creatures, creatures from myth were Ushi onis. The heroes with the help of Big Hero 6 were able to take down the Ushi onis. Later, the Courier and BLack Hole were at a baseball game for the Yomiuri Giants. During this game, a mysterious figure attacked and nearly destroyed the stadium while the game was going on. He was thankfully stopped by the efforts of Black Hole and The Courier. This mysterious figure seemed to be an android of some type.


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