Marvel Superheroes

The Harder They Fall
The End

The villains decide to form their own team to confront the united heroes.

So, Freda begins her spiel about how they need to join up and fight the European team. When she is just about done with her speech Hyperion interrupts him and says" Actually, we have another proposition for you. Join our team." Then Freda says " You know who goes to other people’s stores and advertises for their own store?…. Dicks thats who!" Freda and Hyperion fight and Freda loses. Hyperion drags Freda’s unconscious body in and says anyone else got a problem with me? Pulse says “Actually, I do.” So, they fight and Hyperion takes him down as well. He comes back repeats the question and everyone is like nope we got no problem with you.

The Bigger They Are
Villainous success

The story begins with Operation Man O’ War finally finishing building itself in an underground bunker in Germany. As it turns on the one and only Fuuten appears in front of him. He walks up and says " I have been waiting on you." (Man O’ War talks like the assasin droid from Star Wars) (When I say he talks like the assasin droid I mean he says Statement: or Query: before saying something) Man O’ War asks who he is and Fuuten starts his crazy talk in front of him and finally Fuuten suddenly and out of no wear teleports him away and into downtown Berlin. At this same moment Freda busts out of a mystical portal and punches a bus into the sky. She then precedes to murder a bunch of people.

The Beginning of the Apocalypse

They prepared for the coming of Inferno. They defeated the first wave of the Inferno but Apocalypse has been freed as well as numerous demons. Not to mention the fact that Celestya and Autopsy have been transformed into demons along with a large section of New York. It does not bode well for our heroes.

A Love of Pancakes Runs Sour...
The Break Out from the Irish Superhuman Prison

An investigation uncovers the criminal movings of the Hobgoblins European criminal Empire. With Autopsy hot on his trail and the revelation that someone (linked to the Hobgolin) is shipping power nullifies into Ireland things are tense.
Autopsy informs Seth about these movements and Seth begins to build a countermeasure with his “protege” Stellianos Hadjiyannis, while Autopsy investigates further. Seth puts him in contact with Spider-Man and Boltine because of the Hobgoblin connection. On a lead Shooting Star, Autopsy, and small group head to a suspected drop point for Hobgoblin. They find a docking warehouse all but empty, until they are ambushed by several “D List” villians like Orka, and a few others led by the hired assassin Bullseye. The heroes seem to make quick work of their foes, with Autopsy bringing down the house by dragging a ship into the building, accidentally killing Bullseye. Orka in the process seems to develop delicious man taste for Autopsy.

Ultron Stikes
A God Falls

Ultron invades Slavonia destroying the country and killing all of its people. The heroes fly into action and fight against his army of lesser Ultrons. In a long and drawn out battle, where Autopsy makes good use of the Cosmic Power he had absorbed from Seth’s energy doppleganger, they are able to defeat Ultron and stop his plans for the world. This takes all of the heroes so far and the group is barely able to survive the onslaught of Ultron and his thousands of duplicates. The Humbler, who was initially indisposed for the mission, appears as the tide finally turns against the heroes and fights back. Together, the heroes make one last desperate push and destroy Ultron. In this final push, Gobannos is killed. His body is taken back to his home plane where the gods may be able to revive him.

Against the U-Foes
The Irish Heroes Fight the U-Foes

The Heroes of Ireland fight the U-Foes. The fight initially begins on the streets of Dublin where Autopsy and Ironclad battle. It moves through town and into a soccer stadium where the U-Foes fight the heroes. Texas Twister joins the fray and the heroes are able to defeat them

The Fall of the Hobgoblin
Autopsy's Vendetta Ends

The heroes, primarily Autopsy and The Timeless, track down the Hobgoblin. They confront him in, presumably, his office with backup from the other heroes. They fight their way through his minions and some hired superhumans. However, Autopsy makes some rookie mistakes and charges a villain who dodges him. The villain was standing in front of the window and Autopsy rushed straight through it falling 30 stories down. The other heroes try to make their escape, but Hindrance tries to take down the Hobgoblin. The fight goes badly as she is outmatched. At that point she attempts a desperate maneuver and creates a gravity well. It’s of such magnitude, that she can’t control it. The gravity well forms into a black hole sucking half of the building in and Hindrance struggles to escape. Her strength gives out as she watches the Hobgoblin fly away cackling. Hindrance dies and the other heroes can’t pursue the Hobgoblin, who escapes in the chaos.

After this, Autopsy redoubles his efforts. He goes investigating and cracks some skulls to get information. It’s difficult at first, but he teams up with Moon Knight and Shooting Star. The three of them track down a list of headquarters. Some weapons and supply deals, some money laundering, and other deals. Eventually, the trail leads to the Hobgoblin and they fight him in another underground headquarters. The fight is quick and brutal. Hobgoblin wipes the floor with the trio. He has some grunts take the three of them away to be tortured and find out who’ve they’ve told his location to and what they know.

Moon Knight is first and Autopsy is started not long later. In a short break, Autopsy is able to escape and free the other two before they are killed. Autopsy rescues Shooting Star as they are about to begin, beating the two grunts. Then they find Moon Knight. They find that the Hobgoblin’s men have mutilated Moon Knight scarring him badly and plucking out an eye. Moon Knight refuses to give up though. He pulls his cowl over his face and presses on. The three of them pursue the Hobgoblin one more time, likely to be to their death. Luckily, at that point, they are able to get in contact with Seth who had been looking for them. The four heroes burst into Hobgoblin’s garage and do battle with him in his hangar. They come out victorious and dethrone him as the ruler of the Dublin underworld. Autopsy keeps his strange promise to send his elementary school-aged sister, who was crippled by the Hobgoblin, the terrifying mask off the defeat villain

The Doctor Is In
Private Investigator/Public Criminal

The heroes set up shop in Dublin. Tycho builds a clinic and a secret identity. He quickly becomes known for his incredible medical knowledge. Autopsy sets up a private investigators office. Things go good then turn bad because of Autopsy. Seth makes a call for the heroes.

Autopsy hunts for information on the Hobgoblin. Not only was the Hobgoblin was a threat to the city and operating its underworld, but Atuopsy clawed his way back from death purposefully to get revenge on him. So, Autopsy was pushing hard to investigate his business deals. Sadly, Autopsy was inexperienced in being a superhero and ended up breaking an entering and stealing evidence. Th culprit called the police on Autopsy and Autopsy made a run for it. The police chased in cars initially, but quickly realized the were dealing with another superhuman. After the helicopters were called in, Autopsy, ultimately barely escaped. From there he contacted Seth to get a group together to take on the Hobgoblin’s criminal empire.

Rescue Operation
Timeless Discovery

The Heroes (Boltine, Blackjaw, Captain America, and Autopsy) rescued The Humbler and Tycho from the facility in Siberia and returned to Ireland. After this mission, Boltine, having mellowed with age, begins to consider retirement. Seth invents a secret identity as “Timeless” to better engage in super heroics without bringing extra attention to his school.

A Fallen Star
The Humbler Falls

The Humbler was attacked by Deadpool because of a hit put out on him from a mysterious source. The fight was going quickly for the Humbler until Deadpool grabbed hold of The Humbler and teleported him into outer space. There, he released him into orbit and gravity did the rest. The Humbler crashed into the ground in the wastelands of Siberia and was picked up by Soviets. This story was told to the heroes (Boltine, Autopsy, and Olivir Blackjaw) back in Ireland and they made plans to go and rescue The Humbler.

The new hero Autopsy has moved to Ireland and from the United States. Where he met The Humbler while fighting crime on his hunt for information about the Hobgoblin’s criminal activities in the area.


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