Marvel Superheroes

Enemies on All Sides
On the Run

While the new yet to be named team of Cincinnati superheroes met in their hidden base, a new villain attacked a payday loan place across the street from them. The heroes fought the villain, but quickly realized it was a trap. The enemies used knockout gas on them, and knocked the group out. However, Velocity Beam was able to whisk some of the group away. Then while the heroes were being loaded into the van, Velocity Beam, The Fog, and Waterfall returned. They fought the criminals led by Bullseye and did well. Then Bullseye threatened Gamma. Velocity Beam rushed Bullseye to get to Gamma, but Bullseye held him off. This resulted in Gamma getting shot through the chest. Bullseye made his escape during the confusion.

At this point, the police came. As they were cleaning up the situation, one of the police officers, Officer Dimitrov, reported the heroes to S.H.I.E.L.D. A S.H.I.E.L.D. task force flew onto the scene and landed 20+ agents, 5 suits of Mandroid armor, and the “reformed” supervillain team known as the Thunderbolts. This combined group and the authority of S.H.I.E.L.D. convinced the heroes to surrender. They were cuffed and taken to the Helicarrier, where they met Dr. Doom. Doom who is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. talked to the heroes and informed them of their choice to join the Initiative or be imprisoned. Force didn’t take kindly to this ultimatum and, unknowingly, insulted Doom in a way that Doom couldn’t bear. He dragged Force away and locked away before removing him from the Helicarrier and having him tortured for two full days. In the end, he has also implanted a number of safeguards into Force’s mind then released him for no particular reason, onto the streets of Portland, Maine.

The other members have to deal with Maria HIll. The Fog quickly signs, but Velocity pesters the assistant director with questions and doesn’t sign the act. Waterfall also doesn’t sign quickly. Maria Hill, suspecting something and annoyed, has Waterfall and Velocity sent to jail. Her suspicions quickly prove to be well founded as the New Avengers take a shot at the Helicarrier and free Fog, Waterfall, and Velocity Beam. They also find Gamma and his armor from the med bay. They whisk the group off to Doctor Strange‘s Sanctum Santorum. He let’s the group recuperate there for a day and then returns them to Cincinnati to continue their lives with the promise that the New Avengers may call on them some day.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 4
The Latest Issue of The Cincinnati Enquirer

Check out the latest issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer here. There’s a little bit of controversy about their decision to run such a graphic image in the newspaper. Also, the rest of the featured article goes into the tragedy of the loss of human life and speculates a little more about how this isn’t the end of the problem. The Enquirer is also going to run a profile of the superheroes. I’ll post them in the comments included with this adventure post.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Warzone: Part 1
Cincinnati is Torn Apart by the Mechanizations of its Organized Crime

Date: August 10th, 2014

The heroes of Cincinnati are facing a deadly plots by various groups to claim Cincinnati as their own. The Kingpin is making another push for Cincinnati from the East Coast. The Maggia are trying to claim Cincinnati as their own and the “Invisible” Eleven as becoming quite visible. Well, kind of visible. This has resulted in a blood bath in the center of Cincinnati. Over the Rhine was the first battlefield in this war. The heroes Borg, Force, Gamma (Darrell Thornton), The Fog, Velocity Beam, and Waterfall fought a large contingent of thugs and gangsters working for the Kingpin and Maggia. The two groups also sent in a few superhuman enforcers (Kangaroo, Bison, The Russian, and Shocker) to provide superpowered support. The heroes were able to defeat them and as they were nearing victory, a member of the Eleven came onto the scene. He shot and nearly killed the Russian. Then battled the superheroes to they were pushed out of Over the Rhine. When the police went back through the area, all of the opposing gang members were gone and the superhumans were missing.

One other roadblock came up in this situation. The local news crew flew a helicopter to get a viedo of the gang violence and videotaped the superheroes fighting. Gamma had his armor destroyed in the battle, so he was videotaped without anything to hide his identity. The helicopter was brought down, and he recovered the tape, but at least two people are certain to know his identity. The first, Shocker and second the reporter from the helicopter.

After the battle, the heroes agree to form a team and work together to protect the city. Gamma volunteers to provide the resources they need.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 3
Third Issue

This is the last issue before our first full session. Enjoy.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 2
Second Issue

Check out the second issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 1
First Issue

Check out the new issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Surveillance of Fuuten's Base and Battle Plans
The Heroes Realize the Danger

Date: August 5th, 2014

The heroes make their way to the area above Fuuten’s former city. They use their abilities to take surveillance of the city and the results are not promising. They struggle to come up with an acceptable plan and ultimately try to surprise the new lord of the city and free Ryujin. The plan involves two teams splitting up and trying to sneak in to the city. While doing this, they look for the chance to make contact with anyone who would be willing to help the heroes in freeing Ryujin.

Fuuten’s Underwater City

New Release of the Tokyo Shimbun
2nd Release

Check it out, a new release of the Tokyo Shimbun up-to-date with the latest world info.

Tokyo Shimbun

A Meeting Over Waffles
That's About All That Was Accomplished

The group met together to discuss the information that Kokoro brought to the group. The discussion of Ama and what the Japanese gods were planning on doing. It seems likely that the group doesn’t want to invade Fuuten‘s undersea base. So, The Courier formed together a team of scientists to work on the problem. The group includes Iron Man, Argus, and Jinzo. Along with Kokoro, The Courier, Black Hole, and Sensei. They are currently working in the Courier’s lab in Las Vegas.

A Recent Edition of the Tokyo Shimbun
A Popular Paper Covers Recent Events

The Tokyo Shimbun has covered some of the recent events from Japan, take a look.

Tokyo Shimbun


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