Marvel Superheroes

The Fall of the Hobgoblin
Autopsy's Vendetta Ends

The heroes, primarily Autopsy and The Timeless, track down the Hobgoblin. After the debacle of the last fight they refocus and pull out all of the stops.

After this, Autopsy redoubles his efforts. He goes investigating and cracks some skulls to get information. It’s difficult at first, but he teams up with Moon Knight and Shooting Star. The three of them track down a list of headquarters. Some weapons and supply deals, some money laundering, and other deals. Eventually, the trail leads to the Hobgoblin and they fight him in another underground headquarters. The fight is quick and brutal. Hobgoblin wipes the floor with the trio. He has some grunts take the three of them away to be tortured and find out who’ve they’ve told his location to and what they know.

Moon Knight is first and Autopsy is started not long later. In a short break, Autopsy is able to escape and free the other two before they are killed. Autopsy rescues Shooting Star as they are about to begin, beating the two grunts. Then they find Moon Knight. They find that the Hobgoblin’s men have mutilated Moon Knight scarring him badly and plucking out an eye. Moon Knight refuses to give up though. He pulls his cowl over his face and presses on. The three of them pursue the Hobgoblin one more time, likely to be to their death. Luckily, at that point, they are able to get in contact with Seth who had been looking for them. The four heroes burst into Hobgoblin’s garage and do battle with him in his hangar. They come out victorious and dethrone him as the ruler of the Dublin underworld. Autopsy keeps his strange promise to send his elementary school-aged sister, who was crippled by the Hobgoblin, the terrifying mask off the defeat villain

Run In with the Hobgoblin
Death of Hinderance

The heroes track down the Hobgoblin. Their efforts are led by th new hero who is wanted by the police and from America (Like many of them) Autopsy. They track Hobgoblin to a skyscraper in Dublin and battle their way up to the top. After a long and exhausting battle they make it to the top which sees Autopsy chargenout the window twice. They battle Hobgoblin himself who does really well against the heroes and wounded by their numbers, makes to retreat. However, Hindrance decides to stop him by creating a black hole that she loses control of. Hobgoblin still manages to escape and the black hole nearly destroys the heroes though all but Hindrance are able to escape the effects of the attack that destroys the top of the building.

The Doctor Is In
Private Investigator/Public Criminal

The heroes set up shop in Dublin. Tycho builds a clinic and a secret identity. He quickly becomes known for his incredible medical knowledge. Autopsy sets up a private investigators office. Things go good then turn bad because of Autopsy. Seth makes a call for the heroes.

Autopsy hunts for information on the Hobgoblin. Not only was the Hobgoblin was a threat to the city and operating its underworld, but Atuopsy clawed his way back from death purposefully to get revenge on him. So, Autopsy was pushing hard to investigate his business deals. Sadly, Autopsy was inexperienced in being a superhero and ended up breaking an entering and stealing evidence. Th culprit called the police on Autopsy and Autopsy made a run for it. The police chased in cars initially, but quickly realized the were dealing with another superhuman. After the helicopters were called in, Autopsy, ultimately barely escaped. From there he contacted Seth to get a group together to take on the Hobgoblin’s criminal empire.

Rescue Operation
Timeless Discovery

The Heroes (Boltine, Blackjaw, Captain America, and Autopsy) rescued The Humbler and Tycho from the facility in Siberia and returned to Ireland. After this mission, Boltine, having mellowed with age, begins to consider retirement. Seth invents a secret identity as “Timeless” to better engage in super heroics without bringing extra attention to his school.

A Fallen Star
The Humbler Falls

The Humbler was attacked by Deadpool because of a hit put out on him from a mysterious source. The fight was going quickly for the Humbler until Deadpool grabbed hold of The Humbler and teleported him into outer space. There, he released him into orbit and gravity did the rest. The Humbler crashed into the ground in the wastelands of Siberia and was picked up by Soviets. This story was told to the heroes (Boltine, Autopsy, and Olivir Blackjaw) back in Ireland and they made plans to go and rescue The Humbler.

The new hero Autopsy has moved to Ireland and from the United States. Where he met The Humbler while fighting crime on his hunt for information about the Hobgoblin’s criminal activities in the area.

Why Saffron Fuuten? Why!?!?

The Timeless (Seth’s new secret identity) has created his Irish superhuman team and many of the Irish heroes have joined it. Their first task is against Fuuten! The crazed villain has stolen the world’s saffron supply and is now getting backup from Ultron. He also has taken control of a disgruntled Absorbing Man somehow and used him to physically take the saffron. The Absorbing Man has grown to incredible heights and is made of Adamantium. The heroes are ultimately unable to defeat him, and the world ransoms back the saffron for it’s worth plus 1 dollar. This hurts the nations that depend on the saffron supply for income, but it is, overall, a strange and silly plot for money.

Why Fuuten? You just stole hundreds of tons of gold like two weeks ago.

Asgardian Troubles
A Meeting With a God of Mischief

Some of the students from Seth’s school go missing. Dr. Strange is called in and is able to locate them in Asgard and the heroes go to free them. After fighting many enemies, they free the kids and bring them back. They also foil Loki’s plan to rule Asgard and they trick and rob a dragon that was guarding gold in the Dwarven lands. This results in the heroes have some serious money…Until Fuuten steals most of it by threatening to blow them up with his space laser.

The Trials of Fuuten
I Want to be the Very Best That No One Ever Was!

Fuuten forces the heroes of Ireland to undergo a series of trials. The heroes must travel around the world and defeat the lieutenants of Fuuten to keep him from taking over the world. Fuuten is able to track and speak to them somehow though they can not detect him. He seems to know everything, down to their thoughts though, it seems to have damaged his sanity.

It is discovered that Fuuten has imprisoned or controlled various creatures, gods, and beasts from world mythologies to help in his trials. He does this through some sort of super technology. The same level of technology can create some entirely new creatures as well. These creatures have various superpowers. Fuuten claims to have based them on another worlds video games.

The heroes have to face a variety of monsters. An electric dog from Japan, a monstrous dragon and its rider over Spain, and a gigantic turtle monster that can walk across the sea. After the final of the lieutenants are defeated Fuuten shows the heroes where his base is. In a city under the sea near Iceland. The heroes charge into the base and face many challenges and then are welcomed into the city by a very friendly Fuuten and given a full tour. Fuuten claims it was all a test to make sure they are ready for the future. They have to be ready for what comes and he gives them equipment and a library.

A New Age is Created
Turning Back the Clock

Boltine turns back the clock on the Age of Apocalypse. After Apocalypse defeats the heroes of Ireland, he has time to prepare for the remaining heroes of the world. He butchers many of them in the intervening months and unleashes a plague that wipes out those he deems weak. Boltine escapes to the United States and gets help from the remaining Avengers. He works with them around the clock, but fails to develop a cure for the plague. He then remembers the work of his friend The Humbler. He travels back to Ireland and gather his work on diseases and is able to come up with a cure. Then Captain Marvel and he travel back in time with the cure to the plague Apocalypse unleashes on the world. He makes it back and with his intervention this time is able to stop Apocalypse.

The Age of Apocalypse
War, Famine, Pestilence, and DEATH

Apocalypse comes with his The Four Horseman of Apocalypse and defeats the heroes. They are caught unprepared and spread out. He takes many of them down at the new school in Cork. He defeats and kills nearly all of the heroes along with his horseman. He then proceeds to massacre the students for their weakness and unwillingness to join him and rule. The remaining heroes give up their lives to protect the students. Some of the students survive and but are trapped inside Boltine’s hyperbolic time chamber when the door is destroyed. Boltine is knocked unconscious and buried in rubble. He awakes later to see the massacre and comes up with a last ditch effort to save the world.


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