Mandroid Armor

A High Tech Suit That is Deployed by Various Law Enforcement Agencies


+1CS to Agility (Max In)
+2CS to Strength (Max In)
+1CS to Endurance (Max In)

Body armor: In vs physical and energy
Air supply: 24 hours
Neuro Stunner: In
Blasters: Fn
Electrostatic Beam: Rm
Lasers: Ex (Can be used for cutting)
Tractor Repeller: In (Can be used to escape grapples)
Infravision: Ex
Radar/Sonar: Ex
Computer link
Protected Senses: Rm
Remote Control Override


The Mandroid armor is the super-suit of choice for organizations that may be going up against super-powered foes. These are found in well-funded police forces across the world as the threat of superhumans has increased.
Designed by Tony Stark and later produced by Stane International, plans have also fallen into the hands of criminal elements, and they may have constructed their own suits.
S.H.I.E.L.D. currently has operational suits which they use for hazardous missions involving the capture of super-human beings.

Mandroid Armor

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