A super drug that enhances the ATP production of the user


Public Version (Needs to be taken as a supplement over a course of time to gain benefits):
FASE, Appear, Reason, Intuition, +1 CS up to a rank of GD

Military Version (injected similar to a steroid cocktail to enhance soldiers):

FASE, Appear, Reason, Intuition +1 CS up to a rank of EX, grants the user “critical healing: TY”

Undiluted Version (Strength bonus as Military version):

FAE, Appear, Reason, Intuition +1 CS up to a rank of RM, grants the user “critical healing: GD”

Modified Version created by Mercury trying to save Autopsy:

Same as Undiluted version, but greatly accelerates the healing process of the user. Critical Healing is Endurance Rank to a maximum of MN (65).

Critical Healing is when a user is at 1% or less health including Shift 0 and below the body moves into a hyper healing state on top of your normal healing. The critical healing only lasts until the user is stable (being back at 1%) then the healing drastically drops in potency by a rate of -2CS per turn after becoming stable. The healing bonus is Critical Healing rank multiplied by Endurance rank divided by 600 per turn (round to the nearest whole number).
For Example: Autopsy is dying from injuries sustained while fighting the Hulk, and has an Amazing Endurance Rank (50). He is administered the modified version and immediately his body sets out to repairing the damage. However, even with an effective critical healing of 2500, the damage is too extensive and he still requires emergency medical attention. So Autopsy heals at a substantially higher rate 41-42 health per minute, but to stave off the damage done by the Hulk he needed medical attention. He receives the medical attention required to save his life, and he stabilizes back to 1%. The math works like so: Autopsy has 200 health so his 1% is 20. In his instance he was at negative 55 health when Critical Healing began. After being administered the healing process took place and in 18 turns (@4 health a turn) he was stabilized back to 20 health. Each subsequent turn dropped his healing substantially by -2CS, so when all said and done his critical healing was completely done after giving him an additional 3-4 health (50 → 30 (50×30= 1500/600= 2.5 round up 3 round down 2, 30 → 10 (50×10= 500/600= 0.833 round to nearest whole number 1, 10 → 1, (50×1= 50/600 = 0.0833 no healing bonus from this point out))))


Created by the brilliant minds that work at Mercury Industries the original drug is far more potent than what was released to the public, only moderately more potent than the version sold to the military. It is a wonder drug that has drastically altered the World, currently for the better. People are healthier overall.


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