A Speedy, Tech Dabbling Hero with a Caring Adventurous Side

MUSICAL THEME: “My Hero” by Foo Fighters

Fighting – 40 In
Agility – 50 Am (superhuman)
Strength – 10 Gd
Endurance – 50 Am (superhuman)

KARMA: 140 (990)
Reason – 30 Rm
Intuition – 50 Am
Psyche – 30 Rm
Appearance – 30 Rm

Resources: $500 extra/month (Typical)
Popularity: 23

Martial Arts B, A, E
Mutant Genetics
Trivia (W. History, Small Unit Tactics, Criminal Psychology, Computer Software/Security)
English (native)
– Chinese
– German
– Spanish
– Japanese

Weapon Tinker: 20 Ex
Hyper Hearing: 30 Rm
Total Memory: 50 Am
Hyper Speed: 70 Sp
– _Can perceive moving objects at Feeble speed; need a yellow on anything other than an area or psychic attack to hit Eric when he’s making multiple attacks; red if he’s not making multiple attacks.
– Can dodge and catch objects at Sensational speed
– Can make multiple attacks: 4
– Heals Faster
– Turn Invisible: Typical rank
– Create Tornados
– Bullet Punch as Incredible damage that ignores armor, but uses up all attacks (3rd mark stunt)
– Run up Walls
– Speed Boosting: takes turns gathering his speed to drastically increase his speed through a combination of endurance and power. It exhausts him afterward. Can use in combination with other speedsters (for attacks, etc), but is going too fast for non-speedsters to react too.

Concussion Rifle (Remarkable Material; with 20 Ex damage/Incredible Range): fires a green plasma like energy to subdue would be evildoers; can charge for 40 In with a 1 round charge and 1 round cooldown.
Shock Gloves (Remarkable Material; with 40 Incredible Stun damage/Touch Range. Is linked to his speed, so he needs to run to generate power for the shock gloves)
Velocity Suit:
– Mach 1 (Good Body Armor vs Physical/Energy) disabled after the fights with the Eleven
– Mach 2 (Good Armor like 1, but has Ty Blending) disabled after Latveria
– Mach 3 (Mach 2 but incorporates the Shock Gloves)
– Mach 4 (Ex Armor; incorporates the Shock Gloves; and breaks down quickly into a compartment in his belt buckle)Current suit

Kathy Fish: Tech Executive at P&G; she has taken an notice of Eric’s exceptional talents and is trying to hire him off his internship, but has become concerned with some of his attendance record. Also wants to help him get some of his invention ideas off the ground, one way or another.

Riko Johnson: Worker at the Orphanage who likes Eric. Is the niece/granddaughter of Mr. Tanaka.
Jonas Smith: Co-intern at P&G, who’s working to set up a business with Eric.
Mr. Tanaka: Owner of Tanaka’s Diner
Kennedy: A recent birthday girl at the orphanage, who like most of the children love Eric, but she also loves Spider-Man.
Lindsey: The main caretaker at the Orphanage. A middle aged black woman.
Sarah: An older white woman who volunteers at the Orphanage. Who’s husband plays croquet.
Agent Dell: An FBI agent who’s working the case of the Invisible Eleven in Cincinnati thanks to Eric’s heads up. She may or may not be a trustworthy ally.
Jonas’ Friends: Maria is his girlfriend, Kayla and Sarah are her friends, and then there’s Big John.
Crystal the Receptionist: An attractive blond who works at P&G who’s a recent alum of the University of Maryland.
Reserve Member
Team Leader

Combat Strategy and Small Unit Tactics, Field Medicine and First Aid, Computer Software and Security, Genetics and Mutant Studies, Investigation and Espionage, Criminology, Ju-Juitsu, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Electronics, Engineering, Western History, Business practices and Leadership, and Team Building,


Name: Eric Wolf
Code Name: Velocity Beam
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Height: 5’11
Weight: 180
Age: 25 years, born 3/30/1991 (Aries/Metal Sheep zodiac sign)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: (Northwest) Portland, Oregon
Physical Description: A well built statue of a man with a faded side cropped dusty brown hair and steel blue eyes. Maintaining a clean face, sometimes he’s unable or forgets to shave, but keeps a clean appearance. Has no distinguishable marks.
Marital Status: Single

Eric has always been a gifted child due to his mutation excelling at sports and education, but when his enhanced hearing and speed came around puberty he decided it was best to avoid sports and turned his attention to engineering and tinkering.
The prodigious Wolf was able to turn his talents into (almost) a Graduate degree and Internship with Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati where he currently resides. When he’s not tinkering, studying, or working around P&G he volunteers at a local orphanage.
Both his parents (Barbara and John) are still together and has one younger brother (Chris) (18) who is also secretly a mutant (not even Eric knows, because Chris is afraid to tell anyone and disappoint his family). There is a small extended family of an Aunt and Uncle. His Uncle Bob is his Mother’s Brother, living alone in Boulder, Colorado. Bob currently is a low-level computer programmer for RPI. His Aunt Gertrude is his Father’s sister, who lives in Portland, Maine and works as a Private Clinical Therapist; she has two cats: Mittens and Rosemary.

Force and Velocity Beam came together fighting a group of occultists who were kidnapping children (some from Eric’s Orphanage for their nefarious summoning ceremony. When the two heroes came upon their hideout Tiny Tim’s version of Earth Angel could be heard from the children. They were able to save most of the children, but one was pulled into the darkness by a demonic hand.

The rest of the group came together to stop a group of demons creating black flames on the bank of the Ohio River and Mill Creek. The group was barely able to subdue the monsters but managed to save innocent bystanders. With the sudden increase of various villains and paranormal activity in the recent weeks, the heroes contemplate forming a superhero group.

Velocity Beam’s Journals


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