Tycho (Ertannu)

A mysterious being from the Dark Dimension who has the power to manipulate time.


Name: Tycho (name given by Dr. Strange, actual name is Ertannu)

Race: Alien – Interdimensional Being (Dark Dimension)


Fighting: Incredible 40
Agility: Remarkable 30
Strength: Excellent 20
Endurance: Excellent 20
Reason: Amazing 50
Intuition: Excellent 20
Psyhce: Excellent 20
Appearance: Typical 5

Health: 120 (-20 Health w/ Element Allergy within ~20ft)
Resources: Good


Weapons Specialist 2 (Natural affinity for his sickle which was a part of his original form)
Medicine 2 (Chief of Medicine of own hospital)
Psychology 1 (Natural curiosity of the human mind)
Occult Lore 2
Chinese 1 (Self taught to help maintain credibility of alter-ego)
Toxin Resistance 1


Time Control – Incredible 40
Slow-down Other
Speed-up Other
Slow-down Area
Time Travel
Slow Injuries
Speed Injuries

Phasing (Latent) Stop Time (Latent)


Gold Allergy – Because Tycho’s original form was mystically bound to a golden clock for an untold amount of time, he shares a bond with the element that disrupts his powers and slightly weakens his endurance. Any gold much larger than jewelry within 20ft will cause this, though he is still able to fight normally.

Honor Code – As one born from the Dark Dimension, he considers the likes of Dormammu, Umar, and any denizens of the realm to be his family and subjects and will absolutely not raise a hand against them nor seek to aid their defeat under usual circumstances (the exceptions being if Earth should ever be threatened by them).

Ertannu is an entity born from a mystic clock used in the Dark Dimension to measure not time in motion, but times and dates of significance in certain places

of reality. During an intense struggle in the Dark Dimension with Dormammu, Dr. Strange accidentally destroys the clock, releasing the energies inside. At the end of the battle,
Ertannu secretly follows Dr. Strange through a portal back to the Earth dimension, where he begins to discover the nature of his powers.

Because the golden clock he was bound to was fueled with the energies of the dark dimension, any form of gold within approximately 20 feet causes a disruption in his powers, as the gold causes his body to weaken and lose the ability to manipulate time. More gold does not necessarily cause a more serious effect, however.

Having little direction while on Earth, he sought out Dr. Strange, who took him in and assisted him in finding his purpose. As a being curious about human life and their tendencies to ‘live fast’, he took well to psychology. In addition, he has discovered through his time manipulation abilities that he is able to eliminate diseases like cancer outright in others (in combination with modern medicine practices, otherwise he simply delays the mutation of cancer cells to an exceptional degree).

To avoid association with Dark Dimension beings like Dormammu and Rorkannu, Dr. Strange gave Ertannu the new name of ‘Tycho’, because of his time manipulation abilities. That being said, he is still an entity of the Dark Dimension and considers entities within that realm as his family. He may outright refuse to raise a hand to any who hail from there.

While he is mostly curious about the world and its people, he strongly advocates for their protection and for peace.

Return of Apocalypse

Since settling into his new role, Tycho has taken the guise of a weak old Chinese man and lives out of a clinic, where he performs quite successfully.


During the demonic invasion of New York, Tycho and the other heroes began to fight off the dark influence slowly consuming the city. Tycho sensed the source of the portal, and moved to investigate. After a long and grueling battle, Tycho was killed after being knocked off of the Freedom Tower, being impaled onto a spire.

New World, World War

After his apparent death, Tycho was brought back to the Dark Dimension by Dormammu, and was told that if he were to die again, it would mean the breakdown of the fabrics of reality in the Dark Dimension and the subsequent release of the destructive Mindless Ones into other dimensions. Tycho agrees to stay, following his brother’s wishes. Dormammu then gives Tycho a task to test his loyalty — the destruction of another dimension. With an army at his command, Tycho initially succeeds in his campaign, but not before Eryn appears, convincing him to return home if given the chance. Tycho rescues a powerful Beipian slave (whom Eryn affectionately names “Bob”), who assists in freeing the other slaves in the city, and allowing Tycho to return to Earth once again.

Upon returning to Earth, Tycho felt the need to adopt a new persona due to his clinic being down for so long in order to protect his alter-ego and keep his disguise. He takes the name of Shen Di, and acts as the talented grandson of the “late” Dr. Di, who he says had passed away from an incurable disease he had been fighting for a long time. Tycho adopts a far more taciturn personality for Shen Di than the kind and gentle Lan Di to further fortify his disguise.

The Infinity Gauntlet

In the battle against Thanos, Tycho is the last one to face off against Thanos directly. He uses his scythe to cut off Thanos’ arm in a desperate attempt to seize the infinity gauntlet. However, the Silver Surfer grabs the gauntlet and delivers it to Adam Warlock, bringing an end to the conflict.

Tycho (Ertannu)

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