The Humbler

Super Hero


Health: 220
Karma: 985
Popularity: 45/5
Resources: RM

F:AM 50/SN 60-1
A:RM 30-1
S:SP 70/MN 90-1
E:SP 70-1
R:GD 10-1
I:RM 30-2
P:TY 5-1
A:EX 20-1

Regeneration:AM 50-2
Body Armor:IN/RM 40/30-1
Resistance to Magic:GD 10-2
Tracking: EX 20-1
Resistance to Fire/Heat:UN 100-2
Density Manipulation-Self GD 10

Bentley Gauntlets: UN 100
-Electron Beam: RM 30
– 1Cs strength
Scythe: UN 100

Biology 3
Martial Arts A, B, D
Sharp Weapons

Contacts: Deep Water(Mercenary group), Al Capwn, Sean Cassidy(Banshee), Vinetta Valentine, Boltine, X-Force, X-Factor, X-Men, Eryn, Avengers, Xcaliber, Alpha Flight, Euro Union


Name: Frank Bastion
Age: 34
Birthday: October 5th, 1980
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 230
Citizenship: American, Irish
Marital Status: Married (Vinnetta Valentine)

Frank Bastion, an unassuming, well meaning, new resident of Ireland, has a secret. By day he is a brilliant biologist, but at night, when all good citizens are safely in bed, Frank Bastion becomes The Humbler. He fights to protect Ireland from the collection of criminals who thought it was their “Tortuga,” their port of haven. Fighting crime hand in hand with his new-found allies and his new partner in justice, Vainglory, Frank Bastion looks forward to a better, brighter future.

He has since retired from superheroics and works full time at Cork teaching students. He’s married to Vinnetta Valentine and they have just recently had their first child.

The Humbler

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