Stellianos Hadjiyannis

Member of the Euro Team and Seth's protege


F) In 40/Am 50
A) In 40/Am 50
S) Rm 30/Sp 70
E) Ex 20/Sp 70
R) Am 50
I) Ex 20
P) Ex 20
A) Ty 5

Multiple Attacks: 3 attacks
Hyper Invention: Am 50
Serial Immortality: Un 100, it takes about 10 minutes for Stellianos to create a new body

Body Armor:Rm 30/20
Forcefield: Sp vs Energy, Mn vs heat and cold, Am vs Physical
Flight: Sp 70
Blasters: Am 50
Life Support: Ex life support for 36 hours
Sensor Array: In senses to sense heat, energy signatures, sounds, or various other anomalies
ECM: In vs. Electronics
Self Repairing: Am 50 regeneration for armor
AI: The suits onboard computer is an AI of Ex intelligence
-Computer link: The AI can link to other computer systems with EX power

Engineering, Robotics, Weapon Systems, Physics, Chemistry, Martial Arts A, B, Aerial Combat



Name: Stellianos Hadjiyannis
Age: 20 (Aged 6 years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
Birth Date: December 2, 2001
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 155
Citizenship: Greek, Irish
Marital Status: Single

Stellianos is a young child from Macedonia. He is a relatively normal boy, he likes toys, helicopters, robots, and explosions; well, until you consider the fact he is a super genius and immortal. Stellianos currently goes to the Xavier Institute in Cork, Ireland. Stellianos was recruited in South America after being chased from British Guiana to Ecuador. He tried to throw Seth and Wolverine off of his trail by killing himself. It didn’t work and the two heroes were able to recruit Stellianos after defeating Gideon. Seth took the kid home and convinced him to live with him. He stayed with Seth and has now moved into the Xavier mansion. He built the Danger Room at the mansion and he is planning on taking classes there.

Has aged several years due to Boltine’s time invention that was destroyed by the Juggernaut. He has also joined European Defense Initiative as Ireland’s member. He is rapidly becoming a pillar of the world superhuman community and representative of the next generation of superheroes.

Stellianos Hadjiyannis

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