Long Lived Mutant


Height: 6’1
Weight: 170
Blood Type: A Negative
Date of Birth: Around October 18th, year 11. Actual date estimate: 7,989 BC.

Seth has been around for quite some time, and seen many things. He is currently trying to pursue Xavier’s beliefs while still living his own life. While he does like Xavier’s dream of human’s and mutants co-existing, he does not see it happening quite in the Utopian manner that Xavier preaches. Since he has some “time to kill” he believes in promoting mutant’s and subsequently the human race. He believes working with Xavier’s group to be an ends to that mean.

To that means he is currently working with Sean Cassidy, Moira MacTaggert, and Xavier to establish a institute in Ireland, and has mainly been a recruitment tool for their mutants. He constantly visits Muir Island (and works with them), and has many high powered contacts through the Marvel Earth thanks in no small part to his longevity.

Has recently begun to create an Irish Super Hero team to rival the Avengers, and an island utopia off the eastern coast of Africa. Watched the team seemingly dissolve as he has become preoccupied by business matters and the ever present threat/non-threat of Fuuten. Cancer/ATP drugs making strides in public market. Business is booming. Invited a new hero that Jacob Taylor seemed impressed by, coincidence that he is also working towards his masters in Business, to work for him. Has been invited to the Illuminati. Has managed to place Stellianos onto the Euro Team. Keeping an eye on the Kang invasion.

With the Kang invasion over, and reports of his death greatly exaggerated, Seth has picked up where he left off with Mercury Industries and the Jones Institute in Cork. He has further devoted himself to the cause of promoting humanity and using Ireland as a launching point. With the school in Cork humming on all cylinders he leaves most of the school functions to Banshee’s care, and will occasionally offer seminars while always being on standby. With the hero Mercury now by his side and his adopted son a valued member of the “Euro-Avengers” he is constantly on the lookout for people with vast potential, in his hopes to being a guiding force in the world.


Approximately 2000 b.c. Watches En Sabah Nur over throw the Pharaoh Rama-Tut
11 a.d. – Seth awakens in the Eastern Roman empire (Mesopotamia and Palestinian regions)
29 a.d. – Hangs out with a Jewish mystic who is condemned to death by crucifixion.
100 – 670 a.d. – Watches the rise of the Eastern Roman Empire into the Byzantine Empire and the rise of Christianity. 330 – 379 Name during this period is Basil.
700 a.d. – Moves into the Middle East and lives in Damascus during the Caliphates period.
750 a.d. – Arrives in Tang Dynasty China.
820 a.d. – Arrives in Western Europe during Charlemagne’s Empire.
850 a.d. – Continues North into the Norse-lands (meets Asgardians)
1000 a.d. – Lands in North America with the Vikings. Discovers ancient Atlantean outpost
1090 a.d. – Travels the Americas and stays hidden, but watches the Amerindian tribes and the Mayan Empire.
1200 a.d. – Arrives back into the Norse-lands.
1250 a.d. – Leaves Europe and travels to Africa finding the kingdom of Mansa Musa.
1350 a.d. – Visits shortly within Wakanda
1450 – 1500 a.d. – Travels back to Europe witness Renaissance and the travels with Dutch traders to Japan.
1600 a.d. – Leaves Japan, and arives in the Ottoman Empire
1700 a.d. – Travels North to Russia, stays until Catherine dies in 1796.
1800 a.d. – Arrives in the United States and travels around unknown parts of Canada and the U.S.
1850 a.d. – Makes his way West (U.S.) for a time and meets the Phantom and other heroes of the time.
1869 a.d. – Takes a vacation to England.
1891 a.d. – Makes his way back to North America and heads into Alberta. Works in random mining crews. Hears about a wild man, with claws that grow out of his knuckles.
1904 a.d. – Works shortly for Timely Industries.
World War One – Hears of Union Jack and Baron Blood, but stays out of the fray.
1939 a.d. – Is recruited by Nick Fury to aid in the war effort against the Nazis.
1943 a.d. – Meets young Soviet contact as part of war effort.
1976 a.d. – Meets a young and upcoming U.S. Politician.
1990 a.d. – With his finances well established makes business contact with the Worthington family.
1994 a.d. – Meets a young Charles Xavier while on a trip back to Wakanda.
1995 a.d. – Starts up a mutant research facility on Muir Island with Moira Mctaggert. Traveling between Ireland and Scotland.
1997 a.d. – Joins part business venture with Rupert Murdoch.
2005 a.d. – Part (small) monetary venture into scientific exploration in light speed travel. Watches the revelation of the Fantastic Four.
2006 a.d. – While traveling around Ireland hears about Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning.
2009 a.d. – Invests in Stark industries and helps Daniel Rand with his company.
2011 a.d. – Ireland’s economic status is on the rise, and is currently living in Ireland.


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