Slavic Supreme God


F:Sp 70
A:Ex 20
S:Un 100
E:Un 100
R:Gd 10
I:Ex 20
P:Ex 20
A:In 40

Air Control: Un, controls storms and winds at Un rank
-Lightning: Un
-Flight: Sn
-Golden Apples: Sh 125 ball lightning
True Invulnerability: Rm 30
Resistance (Fire, Cold, Electricity): Un 100
Teleportation: Un 100 (Limited to between Earth and his godly plane.)
Axe of Perun: Class 1000
-The Axe if thrown, returns to Perun the following round. Only a Sh 500 force or wall could stop it and only if the axe was prevented from going around.
Immortality: In, If Perun is defeated, he will return to life in 30 days

Talents: Weapon Specialist: Axe, Bows, Slavic Mythology, Martial Art A, Sharp Weapons


Name: Perun
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Uknown
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 400
Citizenship: Dievas, Russian
Marital Status: Single

He wears a helmet and red cloak similar to those of Thor. He had long hair and a beard, with a great deal of body hair. He uses a large axe, and later a hammer and sickle, which he uses to focus and direct his electrical powers. Perun is an avatar of the Slavic god Perun inhabiting the body of Valeri Sovloyev.

When the Supreme Soviets attack the Soviet Super Solders Perun is disguised as Thor due to Fantasia’s magic. Nearly killing Ursa Major with his lightning.

The next time the Supreme Soviets were spotted in the world, they were part of the Soviet “Peace Keeping” Force. The Soviet soldiers were going into the countries of Central Asia and were led by the Supreme Soviets.


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