Lab assistant


F Rm 30
A Fn 35
S Ex 20
E In 40
R Ex 20
I Ex 20
P Gd 10
A Ex 20

Variable body: In 40
-Ability to transform her body into the four classic elements
-Element Jettison: In 40 blast of chosen element

Genetics, Biology, Brawling


Name: Vinnetta Valentine
Age: 30
Birthday: September 4th, 1983
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 160
Citizenship: Irish
Marital Status: Married (Frank Bastion)

Vinnetta Valentine was a lab assistant at Advanced Idea Mechanics. After being abducted by Apocalypse and transformed into an altered human, she began her new life as Vainglory, partners in justice with the Humbler. Has had a rocky relationship with Mr. Frank Bastion (The Humbler).

The pair are now married and live a rather peaceful live of few superheroics in Cork. They have two children and are beginning to become more active in heroics once more.


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