Captain Righteous



Fighting: Sn 60 / Sp 70
Agility: Amz 50
Strength: Good 10
Endurance: Rem 30
Reason: Typical 5
Intuition: Good 10
Psyche: Rem 30
Appearance: Typ 5

Health: 150
Karma: 250
Resources: 10 Body armor 4 suit (x25), darts (x20 carried on him)
Popularity: 16

6 powers (4 +1 for being a mutant, +1 for dropping two ranks of resources)
4 talents
3 contacts

Power 1: Physical Enhancement: Immortality (Exc 20)
Power 2: Power Control: Weakness Creation (Inc 40)
Power 3: Travel Powers: Rocket (Medium flying speed of 250 kph) (Typ 5)
Power 4: Matter Conversion: Ionization (AMZ 50)
Power 5: Defensive Power: Reflection (Rem 30)
Power 6: Lung Adaptability (Typ 5)

Talent 1: Fighting Skill: Martial Arts D (attack may ignore the effects of Body
Armor & Armor Skin (though not force fields).The attack by the character with this Talent does not have to inflict damage to force a check for possible Stun and Slam. The disadvantage is that the target of this attack must be studied for two rounds before the effects may be brought into play. The character with this Talent cannot attack the character; only watch him in battle for two rounds previous to attacking.)

Talent 2: Mystic and Mental: Mesmerism and Hypnosis (of Mind Control at the Power rank number equal to the Reason of the character with this Talent. Information can be gained as per a Mental Probe, and posthypnotic suggestions may be implanted within the victim’s mind. Any attempt to force an individual to do something that he would not normally do, or divulge information that he would not normally reveal, will cause the hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.)

Talent 3:

Talent 4: Fighting Skill: Martial Arts B (+1CS to Fighting ability when engaged in unarmed combat)

Contact 1: EDI
Contact 2: Excalibur North HQ
Contact 3: Excalibur South
June Paige
Officer Belle

Power Stunt 1: Mult. weakness (x2) creation. Affect multiple targets at once within a given radius.

Power Stunt 2: Reflection Redirect 10

Power Stunt 3: Ionize Objects 3


Guitano Messina was born in the Sicilian area of Bloomsbury, London. A mutant (though the label has never been suggested to him — he just sees his powers as a blessing from God), young Guitano took it very seriously when his father would tell him that he would grow to be a man who could protect his family. Falling in badly with the Cosa Nostra, Guitano’s father was killed when he was five and just beginning to manifest his powers.

After his father’s death, Guitano committed himself fully to protecting his family, which (his mother helped him to understand) was the entire close-knit neighborhood, and not just her (any extended family was still residing in Sicily and entirely unknown to Guitano). So that is the only thing Guitano ever took seriously, standing up to bullies, pick-pockets, and domestic abusers while learning to use his powers in the process.

His mother died of pneumonia when he was seventeen. After that, the nieghborhood sort of looked after Guitano together, as he had done so much to try to look after them.

By his early twenties, it became clear that Guitano had no direction in his life. He had no plans beyond continuing to protect the neighborhood, and as he had neither the intellect nor skills to do much else, folks sort of accepted this and sustained Guitano with charity and hiring him for odd jobs when they could. In exchange, he made them feel safer.

At the age of 24, with the encouragement of some of the younger children in the neighborhood, Guitano began to don a superhero costume and refer to himself as “Mr. Righteous”. The kids had suggested “Captain Righteous,” but Guitano didn’t feel comfortable taking on a military rank he hadn’t actually earned. It seemed unheroic to him.

After thwarting a serious armed robbery at the age of twenty six, the neighbors chipped in to get Mr. Righteous a more serious looking superhero costume. They used their connections to get him an extremely pricey custom-designed uniform lined with a conductive plastic polymer containing metal ions on the exterior, allowing him to Ionize either his gloves or his entire body, but also shielding him from the charge at the same time. The suit was designed to look just like his original outift, which was little more than undergarments, stockings, a belt, and a blanket tied around him. An interesting contrast — a super high tech outfit looking like it was pulled out of the closet for a last minute Halloween costume.

Mr. Righteous wore his costume proudly but never had much opportunity to put it to use. For, while his reputation didn’t extend far beyond the neighborhood, folks knew enough not to mess with the people there. Some sort of superhero(es?) was always popping in to save folks.

A year later, the Kang War occurred. Many many friends and neighbors urged Mr. Righteous to join in the fight, but he refused, explaining that his job was to protect his neighborhood, and that he couldn’t risk something happening to his people while he was gone. Folks from the neighborhood weren’t shy in expressing their disappointment and disapproval. People still paid his rent and left him groceries and money to get by, but he found himself invited to dinner less often and noticed people would look the other way when he would pass them on the street. Mr. Righteous spent his mid twenties largely alienated from the people he loved and sought to keep safe.

Four years later, in the wake of the Battersea incident, folks in Bloomsbury became outright distrustful of superheroes. Mr. Righteous was outright ostracized, folks stopped supporting him and, soon after, his landlord evicted him. No longer welcome in his own neighborhood, a broken-hearted Mr. Righteous began aimlessly walking the streets, at one point ending up in Iceland, where a kind family took him in and treated him as one of their own before helping him to return to London.

Soon after, Mister Righteous was hired to become the corporate-sponsored protector of Battersea. He joined the newly reformed Excalibur within a few weeks and became the captain and founding member of the satellite team, Excalibur North, only a short time after that, finally determining that he’d earned the right to call himself Captain Righteous.

Captain Righteous’ Hero Log

Captain Righteous

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