Moon Knight

Marc Spector/ Kevin Kent/ Maybe more


Marc Spector

F) Fn35
A) Ex20
S) Ex20
E) Rm30
R) Ty6
I) Ex20
P) Gd10

Health: 105 Karma: 36
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Power Boost: While the moon is up, Marc’s Fighting, Agility, Strength and Endurance increase +1cs. His Health increases to 135

Cestus Gloves: Ex Blunt or Edge
Crescent Darts: Gd Thrown Edge, 3 areas
Glider Cape: Gd airspeed
Truncheon Sticks: In material, Ex Blunt
Grapple and Hook: Climbing or swinging at a 3 area/round
Ankh: Glows in the presence of danger giving Moon Knight the equivalent of Mn Danger Sense.
Bola: Ty damage or Gd Grappling, thrown up to 3 areas
Ivory Boomerang: Ex Thrown Blunt, 3 areas when thrown. It is capable of returning to the thrower.
Lasso: Gd damage or Ex Grappling, 1 area, Moon Knight can also use it as a grapple, enabling him to climb walls at a rate of 2 stories per turn.
Scarab Darts: Gd Thrown Edge, 3 areas, As a ‘Called Shot’ they can be used to pin targets to walls.
Throwing Irons: Gd Thrown Blunt, 5 areas

Talents: Military, Driver, Thrown Weapons, Martial Arts A, B, E, Disguise, Guns, Acrobatics, Finance

Contacts: None


Name: Marc Spector
Birthdate: February 7, 1978
Age: 37
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200
Race: White
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single

Mercenary Marc Spector gave his life trying to prevent another mercenary from robbing an Egyptian archeological dig. Apparently slain, Spector regained his life at the feet of a statue of the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. Attributing his resurrection to that diety, Spector became Moon Knight. For months afterward, Spector served as a freelance agent, with aliases as cab driver Jake Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant. He used “Grant’s” money to fund his crime fighting career. Tired of juggling several identities, Spector finally retired his other selves and sold the statue of Khonshu. The buyer sought to turn it to his own evil ends. Three ancient priests of Egypt called Spector to rescue the statue and retake the mantle of Moon Knight. He has a mansion in Ireland and has taken up multiple identities again. He is currently most well known as Kevin Kent. He knows the true identity of Hindrance and saved the woman from an attack by Apocalypse. Hindrance is currently staying at his mansion. After Hindrance’s death at the hands of Hobgoblin, Moon Knight hunted him down.

Moon Knight was captured and freed by Seth and Autopsy, looking terribly tortured. He helped the pair defeat Hobgoblin despite his debilitating wounds.

He has since recovered with terrible scars. He’s operating out of the United States once more.

Moon Knight

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