The Fog

A House Magician with a Vengeance.


Name: The Fog
Real name: Trey Innova
Age: 21
Born: Cincinnati, OH

Fighting/ E-20
Agility/ I-40
Strength/ R-30
Endurance/ I-40
Reason/ E-20
Intuition / R-30
Psyche/ I-40
Appearence/ E20

Health: 130
Karma: 640
Resource: Excellent

-Raise lowest ability R-30
-Reflection I-40
-Illusory Duplication I-40
-Matter control (weather) A-50

-Sleight of hand

-Crime (mafia in control of Horseshoe casino)
-Computer(Stacy Sinclair)
-Mystic (undecided)
-Physics (undecided)


Trey Innova was part of what seemed to be a happy family living in the city of Ft. Thomas, KY just across the Ohio river. Little did anyone in the peaceful “Mayberry town” know Trey’s father, Michael Innova, was a bruiser for the Mafia operating out of the Horseshoe Casino.

Michael had a change of heart while carrying out a hit on a debt ridden family’s newborn. This led to the brutal murder of both Michael and his wife, Emily. This was brushed under the rug.

With Trey being orphaned at 15 years old he went to live with his grandfather in Over the Rhine. Trey attended the Cincinnati School of Performing Arts. Where he learned to the skills to be a stage performer and Sleight of hand. Things did not go well in OTR the local gangs would jump Trey and rob him. This went on for weeks until one night he was walking back from a late rehearsal and five teenage punks cornered Trey. He had enough of running and taking beatings. Trey was filled with rage thinking about his mother and father and now his life of ass whoopin’s. He felt a sensation run down his spine and to his finger tips and at that moment five bolts of lighting struck the punks. Trey got away untouched. His powers appeared everytime he lost his temper, but not just lighting but other forms of weather as well. He soon realized he was different and must be one of those mutants he had heard about on the news. After months he learned to control the weather without losing his temper, Trey decided it would be better not to use his powers and continue living his life. So he needed a job.

After school hours he would make some extra cash being a street magician at Newport on the Levee. With the cash he would make he hired private detective after private detective to find out anything about his parents murder. Each one came up with no more than the others or no info at all.

So Trey began to do some digging on his own. His grandfather would only tell him to leave the past in the past and that he would not like what he found. Searching the Web he found multiple other cases like his and they all rumored to be connected to the Mafia. When he asked his grandfather about the Mafia there was a long awkward silence, and then his grandfather told him that he needed to stop living in the past. Really confused about his grandfather’s lack of empathy. He decided to become the house magician at the Horseshoe Casino to try and get close to the Mafia and learn more about his family’s death.

Trey has been at the casino now for 2 years. And crime has been getting bad, bodies are showing up everywhere. Someone has to do something about it and Trey believes it is him. He now has decided to use his powers of controlling weather to conceal himself by using a fog and take out bad guys. There have been reports of a man in The Fog stopping crime and cleaning up OTR.

He died on September 1st fighting his nemesis, Crossfire.

The Fog

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