Anti-Mutant Assassin Android Who has Become Self-Aware.


Name: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown

Originally created by Dr. Trask’s Sentinel initiative, the Lanthanoid project was to purge the world of mutants on a much more political level. Because of the sheer cost for a single Lanthanoid unit to be created, the project was scrapped in favor of more mass produced sentinel units. Dr. Trask decided to use the prototype model to monitor, predict, and sometimes stabilize the Earth’s magnetic core in order to test the limits of an experimental core that infuses lanthanoid with magnetism, telepathy, and resilience built to neutralize mutant leaders Dr. Xavier, Magneto, and Seth.

Lately, however, the telepathy and magnetism have allowed Lanthanoid to hear and even feel the thoughts of human activity from all across the globe within the hostile Earth’s core. These intrusive feelings have given him the capacity to become self-aware…though he is the only one who is aware of this.


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