Kang the Conqueror

Time Traveling Despot


Kang the Conqueror

F Uc 45
A Ex 20
S In 40
E In 40
R Uc 45
I Rm 30
P In 40

Health 130
Karma 115
Resources Unearthly
Popularity -60


Slowed Aging: Kang is nearly 70 years old but thanks to his future technology he appears to be a man in his 40’s


Body armor: Kang’s Body Armor provides Incredible protection versus Physical and Energy along with the following:
-Resistance to Corrosives, Disease, and Toxins: Amazing
-Self Sustenance: Kang does not need to eat or sleep
-Blaster Gauntlets: Unearthly damage and range
-Side arms: 1-4 side arms at Unearthly damage and range
-Force Field: Unearthly protection versus all attack types but psionics
Kang’s Armor also possesses many different weapons whih are currently unknown, he also routinely brings other far future weapons as well.

Talents: All Martial Arts, Marksmanship, Repair/Tinkering, Engineering, Leadership, and History, Sharp Weapons, Weapon Specialist (Sword)

Contacts: Scarlet Centurion

Growing Man

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Rm30
R) Ty6
I) Pr4
P) Pr4

Health: 100
Karma: 14

Kinetic Energy Absorption: If the Growing Man suffers from a physical blow or force attack of higher rank than his Strength or Endurance, its Strength and Endurance raises to the rank of the blow, the Health adjusts as well. His size increases as well until he reaches a height rank equal to the power of the absorbed blow. He suffers no damage from an attack he absorbs or from lesser than or equal to his current End. rank. The Growing Man can be slammed, but cannot be stunned. He has a maximum limit of Mn Growth, Strength and Endurance

Damocles Base
-Control: Gd
-Speed: CL1000
-Body: Un
-Protection: Sh-Z

The Damocles Base has the ability to fire a Sh-X beam of Energy from the end of the blade. the ship also has the ability to create an image of person. This image is capable of affecting the material world as well as releasing a blast of energy that can level cities the size of Washington D.C. without destroying the infrastructure.


Name: Nathaniel Richards
Birthdate: 31st century
Age: 77
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 230
Citizenship: Earth
Marital Status: Married (Ravonna)

Bio: Simply put, while Rama-Tut, Kang, Scarlet Centurion and Immortus all started as Nathaniel Richards of Earth-6311, and their histories overlap, all the time travelling has schismed their timelines. Putting aside the non-Richards’ Kangs (from timelines where Kang was slain, and his armor and Kang identity stolen by others, as witnessed with the Cross-Time Kangs), we know of:

-Rama-Tut, who became Kang, but in later life became nostalgic and became the semi-benevolent Rama-Tut again.
-Rama-Tut, who became Kang, and then became Scarlet Centurion (who fought the Squadron Supreme)
-Rama-Tut, who became Kang, who became Immortus
-Rama-Tut, who was to become Kang, but detoured as Iron Lad first
-Rama-Tut, who became Kang, and didn’t change to another identity. There were many of these, but Immortus cleaned up his own timeline by manipulating the Kang’s into killing each other off and then absorbed the memories of all into a single Kang.

Kang the Conqueror

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