Iron Man

The Invincible Iron Man


Tony Stark

F) In40/Gd10
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Un100/Gd10
E) Un100/Gd10
R) In40
I) Ex20
P) Ty6

Health: 270/36 Karma: 66
Resources: Mn Pop: 35

Known Powers:
High-Yield Arc Reactor: The armor and Stark’s own body are powered by the high-yield arc reactor mounted in his chest. The high output of the arc reactor has given Stark the following:
-Multi-Task: Stark is able perform up to 3 non-die-roll actions simultaneous to any other declared combat actions. For example, while fighting he can scan area, access data-files and conduct business at Stark Resilient.
-Learning Capability: Stark is able to learn faster with Am ability.

Bleeding Edge Armor: This entire armor is kept inside Tony’s body until mentally commanded in which it manifests itself as the Iron Man Armor. The armor is made up of Nano-Machines that can now be commanded to turn into any type of structure upon Stark’s skin. The Bleeding Edge Armor enables the wearer the abilities shown below:
-Alter-Ego: Stats are changed as above
-Anti-Theft Device: Attempts to copy or dismantle the suit causes it to detonate in 2 rounds for In damage to all in 1 area.
-Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Force Field: Am protection vs. Physical, In protection vs. corrosives, Am protection vs. Heat and Cold, Mn protection vs. Energy, Un protection vs. Radiation and Electrical
—He can cancel all power to weapons to feed this power for Mn protection.
-Self-Repair: Mn, the nano-machines create a second layer of artificial muscle over Stark’s body, upon which additional structures are assembled. This also enables the armor to self-repair and be almost invulnerable as the armor is capable of transforming and healing itself, by having the constantly replicating nano-machines replace anything that is lost or used, as long as the power output from the arc reactor isn’t interrupted or terminated.
-ECM: The armor has Rm invisibility to radar and sonar.
-Computer: Iron Man’s Armor is controlled by an onboard computer system. His computer is able to perform the following:
—Flight Computer: Grants Iron Man Ex maneuverability, and also a +2cs to any Agility FEAT that involves maneuvers or turns.
—Targeting Computer: Grants Iron Man +2cs to Agility to fire the suit’s weapons systems.
—Computer Link: Iron Man is able to link with computer systems, guarded or otherwise at Mn intensity. He may use this ability to scour computer files, access security records, see through security cameras, see through surveillance satellites.
—Systems Monitoring: Displays within the helmet inform him of the status of weapons and power level.
-Shape-Shifting: Am, the nano-machines can turn into clothes, other armors, or even different beings completely, by having the nano-machines change their properties into whatever Stark wants them to.
-Multi-Environment Life Support: The Armor’s internal air supply lasts more than 1 hour and can be sealed for travel through low oxygen, underwater or outer space environments
-Energy Absorption: Armor has ability to absorb up to Un Energy per round for up to 4 rounds. Absorbed Energy can be redirected into any of the armor’s weapon systems or force field, raising that ability score by +1cs above it’s maximum ability for 4 rounds or until the 400 points of energy has been depleted. Each round beyond 4 that energy is stored requires Yellow Endurance FEAT or energy is discharged in 1 area radius, including armor’s wearer, inflicting Rm damage. Armor provides no protection in this case.
-Override: Iron Man may consciously choose to override his built-in security mechanisms to raise various ability scores.
—Strength and Repulsor damage may be increased to a maximum of Sh-Y
—Most other abilities (Judge’s discretion) may be increased a maximum of +1cs using override
—The first round of override, wearer must make Yellow Endurance FEAT roll and subtract -1cs Endurance each round until armor is removed and repaired, in which case Endurance is returned to normal stats immediately. Appropriate statistics are lowered until repair is completed. Failure of Endurance roll at any time results in immediate suit compromise. Armor freezes and is useless until removed and repaired.
-Flight: Iron Man’s boot jets allow him to fly at Am airspeed and still perform most actions.
—By rerouting weapon’s systems to thrust, this can be raised to Un, but no offensive actions can be taken.
—If used as weapons, Iron Man’s boot jets can inflict In damage with 2 area range.
—Iron Man’s boot jets possess enough fuel to operate for 100 minutes in airless environment such as space or underwater. This does not confer underwater or zero-g combat ability
-Protected Senses: Rm protection vs. Sound and Light. Blindness only lasts 1 round max.
-Sensors: Am intensity at a 3 area range in the Chronometer, Radar, Sonar, Magnometer, Atom-Force Microscope, Photon, Heat, Motion and other sensor instruments. Mn ability to communicate on s supspace/satellite communications array which receives local and video signals. In ability to translate all known earth languages and the better known alien languages.
Weapons Systems: The Bleeding Edge Armor has the following weapons:
-Repulsors: Mn Force, up to 10 areas. May inflict substantially less damage at discretion of user. Can perform the following power stunts:
—Wide Focus Beam: Iron Man is able to utilize repulsor as an area of effect weapon by using a wide-focus beam. Inflicts up to In Force (-2cs from Mn) but will affect all targets within 1 area
—Iron Man’s targeting computers allow him to simultaneously attack 2 targets, 1 repulsor each, with a decrease of -1cs to hit for increased difficulty, and -1cs damage as both beams no longer focused on same target. Simultaneous attack may use Wide Focus Beam with associated penalties as listed
-Uni-Beam: Chest-based multi-band light and energy emitter. Iron Man is able to utilize his Uni-Beam to perform the following actions:
—Heat Beam: Am
—Laser Beam: Am
—Light Beam: Mn intensity
—Tractor Beam: Rm
—Holographic Projector: Rm
-Pulse Bolts: Un Force, 15 areas
-Electromagnetic Pulse: Am ability to shut down electronic devices within a 50-yard radius
-Sonic Generators: Rm
-Magnetic Field Generator: Am
-Explosive Shell Projectiles: Fired out of his gauntlets, the mini-energy bombs cause Rm damage to a target
-Mini-Missiles: Fires up to 10 areas, In damage to an entire area
-Laser Torch: Built into the finger of the gauntlet, the laser torch cuts through Am material
-Electrical Charge: The armor can generate up to an Am Electricity on the surface to dispel attackers

Talents: Bionics, Business/Finance, Cybernetics, Electronics, Engineering, Weapon Design

Contacts: Stark Resilient, The Avengers, Maria Stark Foundation, War Machine/James Rhodes, Rescue/Pepper Potts


Name: Tony Stark
Age: 36
Birthday: May 29, 1978
Height: 6’1" (Human) 6’4" (Armor)
Weight: 225 (Human) 450 (Armor)
Race: White
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Engaged (Pepper Potts)

Bodyguard to Tony Stark and member of the Avengers. His identity has recently been revealed as Tony Stark.

Iron Man, as a founding member along with Thor, Ant-Man (Henry Pym), the Wasp (Janet van Dyne), and the Hulk. While pursuing Namor the Sub-Mariner, Iron Man came across the comatose body of Captain America (Steve Rogers) Rogers), the famous World War II super hero, preserved on ice. Revived, Captain America joined the Avengers and became an important teammate and friend to Tony. Later, Tony helped establish the international super-spy agency SHIELD to combat terrorist threats.

During these early years as a super hero, Iron Man battled Mandarin, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow(Natasha Romanova).

A Change of Heart

Tony found himself drawn to the beautiful Whitney Frost, but she proved to be the daughter of the Avengers’ foe Count Nefaria and a high-ranking member of the Maggia crime syndicate. Seeking to steal Tony’s inventions, she pitted agents such as Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti) and Gladiator (Melvin Potter) against him. After using one of his Life Model Decoys (LMDs) to deceive the Mandarin and protect his identity, Tony was horrified when the LMD developed an independent personality and usurped his identity. The LMD, believing itself superior to Tony, obtained a suit of Iron Man armor and began running Stark Industries while the real Tony was away. Unable to prove his identity, Tony fell into the clutches of Madame Masque (a newly garbed Whitney Frost), agent of the gold-loving Mordecai Midas, who attempted to force Stark to turn over his fortune. Tony used his original Iron Man armor to destroy the LMD imposter, but suffered another heart attack in the process. The Avengers rushed him to a hospital where Dr. Jose Santini transplanted a synthetic heart into his chest so that Tony no longer required his chest plate to live.

Following the Avengers’ involvement in the interstellar Kree-Skrull War, Iron Man joined Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt of the Inhumans, Professor Xavier of the X-Men, sorcerer Dr. Stephen Strange and Namor in founding the Illuminati, a secret organization designed to share knowledge and pool resources against major threats.

Hero of Iron, Feet of Clay

Renaming his corporation Stark International, Tony resolved to abandon munitions production in favor of electronics and computer engineering after witnessing firsthand the impact his company’s weapons had on innocent lives.

Despite seeming to have everything a man could want, Tony was under much stress. The machinations of rival industrialist Justin Hammer and SHIELD’s constant pressure drove Tony further into drinking. His girlfriend at the time, Bethany Kabe, kept Tony from continued succumbing to his alcoholism. Their relationship ended when Bethany’s presumed-dead husband was discovered alive.

In opposing Obidiah Stane’s attempts at forming a major multinational conglomerate, Tony unwittingly made Stane a driven enemy. Obadiah Stane set up games of psychological warfare against Tony, which included physical attacks by his Chessmen super-operatives, outbidding Stark International for key contracts and having his lackey Indries Moomji romance Tony, all in an attempt to drive Tony to resort to drinking. As Stane’s pressure increased, Tony responded as anticipated, and after Indries rejected Tony, he virtually gave up trying to oppose Stane. When the villain Magma (Jonathan Darque) attacked Stark International, Tony proved too drunk to wage a competent battle and instead revealed his double identity to Rhodes. With Tony passed out, Rhodes donned the armor and defeated Magma. Tony told Rhodes to keep the armor and turned his back on Stark International while he proceeded to drink himself out of his company, property and fortune until all of his assets were frozen. Obadiah Stane stepped in and claimed Stark International, renaming it Stane International, but Rhodes prevented Stane from obtaining the Iron Man armors.

Tony had hit rock-bottom, homeless and perpetually drunk. However, helping deliver a baby put life into perspective and he began his path of recovery and sobriety joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

Tony, James, and James’ friends, Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin set up a California-based new corporation: Circuits Maximus. Obadiah planted a bomb in their laboratory, killing Morley and badly injuring Rhodes. Tony constructed his most advanced armor yet at the new West Coast Avengers Compound and confronted Stane, who had designed his own armored identity as the Iron Monger. When Tony defeated the Iron Monger, Stane committed suicide.

Armor Wars

After joining the West Coast Avengers, Iron Man provided sanctuary from reformed villain Force (Clay Wilson), an agent of Justin Hammer. Examining Force’s armor, Tony recognized familiar circuitry patterns based on his own Iron Man armor designs. Tony discovered that his old foe Spymaster had stolen his designs and sold them to Hammer who armored several of his super villain clients, including the Beetle (Abner Jenkins), the Controller, the Mauler (Brendan Doyle), the Raiders and Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day). Enraged by the thought that innocent people might have been killed with his technology, Tony resolved to eliminate all traces of his technology that had fallen into outside hands. However, Iron Man falsely accused federal agent Stingray of possessing Stark’s technology, forcing Tony to publicly fire his alter-ego. Steve Rogers was stripped of his Captain America identity, and became the Captain; Tony supplied him with a force shield. Unable to trust anyone using his armor technology, Tony targeted the Guardsmen at the Vault prison. The Captain tried to stop Iron Man, severely straining their friendship. Iron Man next attacked the Crimson Dynamo in Russia, and accidentally killed the Titanium Man, leading to Iron Man’s expulsion from the Avengers. Tony faked Iron Man’s death, and later rejoined the Avengers as the “new Iron Man.” Eventually, the Avengers saw through Tony’s facade.
Start of the Breakdown

After being shot and paralyzed by former love interest Kathleen Dare, Tony installed a biochip into his body to regain mobility. The biochip gained the attention of corporate foe Kearson DeWitt, who held grievances against Tony. DeWitt hijacked the biochip and took control of Tony’s nervous system. Though Tony regained control of his body using his armor, but by the time he had defeated DeWitt his body was so damaged he could barely move. Tony donned a skintight neuronet suit to help him function, but his armor became the only certain way to keep himself alive. After defeating the Mandarin, and using a rogue team of Avengers to seemingly destroy the Supreme Intelligence (against Avengers’ leader Captain America’s command), he expressed his regret to Captain America and the two began trying to repair their fractured relationship. As Tony’s health continued to deteriorate, he designed his variable threat assessment armor (model 11, also called the “War Machine”) and won back Stane International’s assets from its last owner, Justin Hammer. Succumbing to total nervous system failure, Tony seemingly died on an operating table. In his will, he made Rhodes the new CEO of Stark Enterprises and left the War Machine armor for him to carry on as Iron Man. Rhodes respected his wishes.

A New Beginning

Tony was secretly in cryogenic storage while his body’s entire nervous system was essentially rebuilt. Revived, Tony had to undergo intense physical therapy. Rhodes, who was infuriated at being deceived, immediately quit Stark Enterprises. Tony allowed Rhodes to keep the War Machine armor and launched a new model of armor, the Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit 150 (NTU-150),which he could control remotely while he recovered. He also used artificial intelligences to aid him in his work, including HOMER and PLATO.

He is now back on his feet and operating the Iron Man armor once more. Iron man since those days has gone through many changes and adaptations. He finally revealed his secret to the world in the aftermath of Kang War. To help settle the global community and provide assistance and expertise in rebuilding, Tony Stark revealed his identity. Since then, Iron Man has been a hero to many. He took the side of the Initiative in the Civil War, but was completely unprepared for the fallout from that decision. This has pushed him to work hard than ever before, because as Tony Stark and Iron Man, he feels as though he should have been prepared for the current situation. Recently, some of his favorite, somewhat antique Iron Man suits were stolen and transported into East Germany.

He is currently wearing the Bleeding Edge Armor or Mark 34.

Iron Man

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