An Agile Youth with a Magnetic Personality


Fighting: 20 Ex
Strength: 20 Ex
Agility: 40 In
Endurance: 30 Rm
Reason: 20 Ex
Intuition: 20 Ex
Psyche: 20 Ex
Appearance: 10 Gd

Recovery, resistance-Electricity: Ex20
Energy emission-Magnetism: Am 50
Power stunts- Hyper leaping, non-ferrous metal control- 2 ranks, mass metal control- 2 ranks
Disintegration: In 40
Induced sleep: In 40
Weakness: Needs electricity to fuel abilities, loses powers w/o it, after contact w/ elec. takes a bit of time to rejuice




Fighting: Marksman- +1cs ranged attacks
Professional: Crime- grew up in bad neighborhoods, youth pastor/mentor is a former cop
Scientific: Genetics- very interested in mutant genetics, wants to understand how he came to be and how mutants fit in the world scheme

Beta cloth costume- Good vs. everything
Cell phone
Meager possessions of a poor college student



Name: Demetrius “Demmy” Brock
Birthdate: July 1, 1998
Age: 18
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 155
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single

Hero Name: Hyjinxs
Actual Name: Demetrius “Demmy” Brock
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Black, tight curls, cut short now
Light freckling across the nose
Wiry build, long, thin feet and hands
Metal next to his body hovers just above his skin
Ethnicity: Mixed (Black/Caucasian)
Age: 18
Birthday: 1 July, 1998
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5’11
Weight: 155lb.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

3 immediate: Father (missing), Mother (missing), Sister (Lives with Aunt Bella and Uncle Theo) age 13
Numerous extended: He is closet to his Aunt Bella and Uncle Theo (mother’s side), recently left their home to travel to Cincinnati

Dr. Demetrius Door- Community college genetics teacher
Roger Bear- mentor and youth pastor
Someone in law enforcement/crime (comes from having Professional Talent: Crime)

People significant to him-
Parents (wants to find what happened to them)
Angelique (his sister)
Francis Bell (the really attractive dancer and trumpet player he is trying to get up the courage to ask out)
Zack (his best friend from back home, knows about his powers)

Demetrius Brock was born in Louisville, Kentucky to a mixed race couple. His father, Paul, a biochemist, and his mother, Latrice, a professional dancer, met when his father interned at the University of Louisville. They married upon graduating college and soon after Demetrius was born. Unbeknownst to his parents, their infant son carried the X-gene within himself.

Demetrius’ mutant abilities did not express themselves until his 13th birthday, when, trying to plug in his cousin’s TV, he accidentally electrocuted himself. He regained consciousness to find his cousin passed out, a mound of dust where the TV had been, and that every piece of metal in the room had attached itself to him.

Demetrius was able to pull the metal off of himself and told no one of what had happened. After several weeks of experimentation, he soon discovered that he could somehow emit magnetic pulses, disintegrate large objects, and put people into a deep sleep. He also discovered that his abilities seemed to run off of electricity and needed to be recharged after a day’s hard use. Demetrius proceeded to get himself into a lot of trouble with his powers, using them for petty acts of revenge and vandalism, culminating in the attempted robbery of an ATM. He was caught by Roger Bear, a man who ran a student Christian group near UofL’s campus. Rather than turn him in, Roger Bear presented Demetrius with an offer: Come and work for him on weekends and Tuesday nights at the BCM house or be hauled before his parents and have the whole story come out. Demetrius, rather resentfully, chose to work for Roger.

This marked a turning point in his life. In Roger Bear, Demetrius found a friend and a mentor who spoke plainly and to the point, called him to a higher standard of behaving, and encouraged him to make a positive contribution to the world with his powers. Roger was also a significant emotional support for Demetrius when his parents disappeared the week after he turned 16. Planning to see his father’s brother in New York for a couple days, they never returned, leaving Demetrius and his sister confused, distraught, and in the care of his aunt and uncle. Demetrius vowed to discover what happened to them as quickly as he could and dedicated himself to his studies. He managed to graduate a year early and complete his Associates degree, meeting Dr. Demetrius Door in the process. Dr. Door, a brilliant geneticist, helped Demetrius discover that his powers came from his mutant genes and serves as a trustworthy confidant.

Three months after his 18th birthday, Demetrius received an anonymous letter, the writer claiming to know of his parents whereabouts. Instructions were given telling Demetrius to come to The Levi on the Ohio River at 11 pm and wait. Being rather naive, Demetrius did so and was beaten soundly by the gang of thugs waiting for him. He did not fall unconscious however, thanks largely to his mutant stamina, and tailed the thugs to a waiting van. Using his magnetism, he clung to the van and traveled to a deserted factory, dropping off the van before it entered the building.

He has decided to be more cautious this second time and is currently in the process of gathering all the information he can about both the factory and the dangerous men it contains, hoping that this in turn will lead him to the whereabouts of his parents.


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