Slightly Confused Girl


Name: Olive Owens
Superhero Name: Hindrance
Age: 24
Birthday: March 17, 1992
Blood Type: AB
Origin: Altered Human

F: excellent 20
A: excellent 20
S: excellent 20
E: excellent 20
R: remarkable 30
I: incredible 40
P: remarkable 30
A: remarkable 30

Health: 80
Karma: 500
Resources: Typical
Popularity: 12

Gravity Manipulation
Amazing 50
Forcefield vs Physical
Typical 5
Monstrous 65

Repair and Tinkering
Martial Arts B

Stan Lee
Comic book writer
Peter Parker
Photographer for The Daily Bugle


Name: Olive Owens
Birthdate: March 17, 1992
Age: 24
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 109
Race: Mixed (Black and White)
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single

Born and raised in NYC, Olive Owens carried out a humble lifestyle. At the age of 18 she won first prize in a country-wide comic book contest: the chance to co-write and co-design a comic book with none other than the god himself, Stan Lee. She basked in her glory until one faithful day, shortly after her 19th birthday, her fantasies became reality. After ingesting a somehow radioactive cheeseburger, Olive Owens was no more. In her place stood… HINDRANCE!! With newly equipped gravitational powers, Hindrance saw that she could no longer live a peaceful life in the Big Apple. She waved goodbye to her coworkers at the Daily Bugle, especially her close friend Peter Parker, and set her sights for somewhere new. Dublin seemed low key and exotic enough for her. Shortly after arriving, she found that Dublin was not as quiet as it seemed. The streets and skies (and occasional pub) flourished with super heros and super villans. Although lying low as a comic artist at The Dublin Enquirer, Hindrance saw that she was also needed in this new world to protect the citizens from the hands of evil. Her goal: to assure the world’s safety; and along with the help of her newly acquired “friends,” Boltine and The Humbler, she was sure that they’d at least make a slight dent in the crime. Hindrance met her fate while fighting the criminal kingpin known as the HOBGOBLIN! :(


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