"Order is a myth"


Fighting: AM 50
Agility: SN 60
Strength: EX 20
Endurance: IN 40
Reason FN 35
Intuition: GD 9
Psyche: PR 4
Appearance: RM 30

Health: 170
Karma: 503
Resources: Good 10
Popularity: 0

Catalytic Control: PR 4
Radiowave Generation: FB 2
Power Control Focus: FB 2
Energy Solidification: UN 45
Plasma Generation: SN 60

Prof. Mavis Klingenberg
David Johansson (informant)
Dr. Curt Connors
Dr. Hank Pym

Genetics Engineering

Energy Solidification Armor: 10
Plasma Generation Light (-2 CS): 10
Energy Solidification Doppleganger: 1
Energy Solidification Golem: 0
Plasma Generation Blinding Light (-2 CS): 1
energy area forcefield: 1


In approximately 5,000 BC, Kree Sentinel 931 was deployed to Earth in order to acquire further information about The Inhumans while earlier Sentry 459 was dormant. The Kree, realizing they had made an oversight in giving Sentry 459 such narrow directives, ordered Sentry 931 to continue to compile information about Earth and await further orders once its initial objective was complete. In order to facilitate this mission, Sentry 931 was equipped to resemble and impersonate the dominant species on the planet. Thus, after providing the required update on the Inhumans, Sentinel 931 essentially roamed the Earth,posing as a human and reporting to the Kree homeworld on the human race and its various cultures.

In 2007, a traffic stop gone wrong resulted in the London police handcuffing and physically assaulting Sentinel 931 (which, at this point, had assumed the identity of LaVell Johnson). Realizing that it was in serious physical danger and could not escape conflict, the Sentry activated its powers and fought back, causing a platoon of SWAT officers in Mandroid armor to appear. A fight ensued in which the sentry was significantly damaged, affecting its memory and its ability to transmit back to the Kree homeworld). Fortunately, it managed to escape, and without the police getting its assumed name nor any identifying information.

After that, a dazed and memory-less LaVell Johnson wandered the streets of London until a crisis center, presuming he was a drug-addicted homeless man, provided him with intervention and counseling that led to him being provided with proper Earth identification, a GED (or whatever they call it in England), and a desire to move on to college.

At the University of Westminster, Johnson distinguished himself in his first months and was quickly fast-tracked, completing his undergraduate work in only eight months while already beginning his Doctoral work at the same time. He had no less than twelve widely read papers published in his three years at Westminster.

After that, he began teaching at the University of London. He had the reputation and connections to teach anywhere he pleased, but one of the members of the interview team, Professor. Mavis Klingenberg, immediately captivated him with her incisive questions about his past and current work. He accepted the job more to remain in close proximity to her than for any other reason.

In the current year of 2015, LaVelle Johnson is well aware that he possesses supernatural powers but generally does not give them much thought. He has inferred that he is a mutant and that, if he has this many powers, it stands to reason that mutation is far more common than is generally believed, perhaps as much as 60% of the population possessing some kind of superhuman trait that they choose to keep hidden in favor of a normal life in which they are not branded as mutants.

LaVelle has no particular convictions beyond a thirst for knowledge and for showing off the knowledge he acquires. He believes he is content with his life (he is wrong) and never stops to ask the big questions. He can’t stop to smell the roses because he rolled an intuition check and failed to notice the roses were even there. However, he does have an extremely simplistic sense of right and wrong, order and chaos, and he will step in to protect the peace and the status quo if the stakes are high enough and if he believes he’s the only one able to do something about it.

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