Celtic God of Smithing


F) Mn 90
A) In 40
S) Un 100
E) Mn 90
R) Fn 35
I) Ex 20
P) Am 50
A) Rm 30

Health: 320
Karma: 135
Resources: Fb
Popularity: 30

Godly Body: Like all Celtic Dieties, he has the following abilities:
-Invulnerability: Poison, Age Class 1000
-Resistance: Disease Ex 20
-Body Resistance: In 40/Rm 30
-Life Support: Rm, Gobannos can go up to a week without eating, drinking, breathing, or sleeping
Growth: Am 50
Magnetic Manipulation: Sn 60
-Flight: In 40
-Manipulate Non-Ferrous Metals
Ordo: Class 1000 Material Strength
Weapons Tinker (Melee Weapons): Am 50
Mead of Invulnerability: If Gobannos has time to make this drink, then it grants Sh-250 True Invulnerability to the drinker.

Talents: Engineering, History, Celtic Mythology, Martial Arts A, Blunt Weapons, Forging

Contacts: X-Force, Avengers, Euro Team, Head of State in Ireland


Name: Gobannos
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 650
Citizenship: Avalon
Marital Status: Single

The Celtic God of Smithing is currently being punished and must live among the mortals to prove his worth. He has been a valuable member of the Xavier Academy in Ireland. Helping care for the students and protect them. He was even involved in the battle against Ultron which resulted in his death in the mortal world. He has recovered from it and helped the mutants of Earth. Gobannos has currently been traveling the world ever since the defeat of Fuuten.


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