Miyamoto Fuuten


F: Am 50/Mn 90
A: Un 100
S: In 40/Mn 90
E: In 40/ Mn 90
R: Uc 45
I: Rm 30
P: Ex 20
A: In 40

Health: 230/370
Resources: Un 100
Popularity: -60

Cosmic Awareness: Sp 70
Energy generation: Un 100
True Charisma: Am 50
Hyper Running: Ex 20
Suit of Armor: Sp 70/Sn 60
-boosts stats to right side
-Flight: Cl 1000
-Telepathy: Sh-150
-Protected Senses: In 40
True Adamantium Sword: Cl 1000 material

(Fuuten can conceivably have any other ability he wishes.)

Talents: Sharp Weapons, Biology, Resist Domination, Marksmanship, Genetics, Engineering, Chemistry, Heir to Fortune

Contacts: Anyone


Name: Miyamoto Fuuten (Possibly a different name)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150
Citizenship: Japanese
Marital Status: Widowed

Miyamoto is the son of an extravagantly wealthy Japanese man. He is named after the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The heroes have met him when he orchestrated an elaborate plan to prepare them for upcoming conflicts. He came up with his tests by basing them off of Pokemon in our world. His next plan was to steal the worlds saffron supply to pay Ultron for his assistance. After successfully stealing the gold, he went on to steal an island that housed all of the dangerous superhumans of Ireland and released said superhumans into the streets of Dublin. Sadly, his theft of an internationally known prison made him enemies with S.H.I.E.L.D. which Fuuten went on to destroy after they attacked him. The many amazing and sensational and spectacular feats of this fantastic many continue past this. Fuuten later gave Autopsy the gift he always wanted by stripping of his powers. After watching Autopsy nearly get beaten to death by one of Fuuten’s super warriors (and Autopsy’s pleas for help.) Fuuten gave Autopsy new super powers that were remarkably similar to his old powers. Anyways, Fuuten then tried to give the gift of Cosmic Awareness to the mighty Jere…Humbler, but then decided not to. Around Christmas time he invited his Irish friends to come visit him in his underwater city, but they couldn’t make it and visited later with an army of superheroes to attack poor Fuuten. Fuuten bravely battled the heroes, but he couldn’t defeat them and was thrown into the pits of the sun. Not before giving the gift that keeps giving (Cosmic Awareness) to ……..Lanthanoid, the psychopathic robot. Yay!

Aside from his stellar career as an all around bad ass and World Icon,he is a patron of the arts. He bought up every theatre in North America and Europe, just so he could ban Tony Stark from all of them. He also can sing a mean “Proud Mary” at the local Karaoke bar.

Author: Prof. Dr. Cpt. Ph.D. Miyamoto Fuuten, Esq.
Published: June 5, 2014


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