Student at Xavier Academy in Cork


F:GD 10
A:GD 10
S:TY 6
E:RM 30
A:EX 20

Powers:Microwave Manipulation


Name: Angelica Jones

Age: 20, October 10, 1995
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 125
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single

Angelica was a confused and lonely thirteen year old when she discovered she was a mutant. She was picked on at school, her grandmother (the only real friend she had) died, and her father was afraid of her. Though Professor Xavier discovered her through Cerebro, Emma Frost arrived first and enrolled the girl in her private school. Firestar was a private student of Emma Frost at her Massachusetts Academy. There she was trained and learned to control her power, but she was also used, first by Empath to help Thunderbird try to get revenge on Professor Xavier, then by Emma Frost who tried to develop her as an expendable assassin. Angelica’s best friend and
bodyguard at the school, Randall, found out about her being manipulated into trying to kill
the Black Queen for Frost, and was able to tell Angelica the truth, though he paid for the
attempt with his life. Feeling betrayed by everyone, Firestar faced the White Queen,
defeated her, and demolished Frost’s underground training complex. This marks the
first step in Firestar becoming a major, powerful mutant. She is now living at home
with her widowed father, trying to live out the life of a normal teenager. Until contacted by Xavier’s representative Seth about going to the Xavier Academy Belfast. She accepted this offer.

In a devastating fight against members of the Soviet Supreme. Firestar was combating Eclipse when Eclipse took his claws and ripped out Firestars intestines. This caused Firestar to lose control of her powers and erupted in a massive blast nearly killing her allies and foes alike. Several city blocks in Dublin have been decimated as a result.


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