Name: Griffin Gogol
Age: 40
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 175
Citizenship: American
Martial Status: Single

Eclipse is the latest model of communist power made into a person. They have made whatever Eclipse used to be into one of the most dangerous entities on earth. Eclipse was first tested by combating four Irish heroes, Boltine, Humbler, Hindrance, and Seth. He was at the border of defeating and killing them when a Gobannos, the Celtic god of the forge, stepped in. This convinced Eclipse to go. He would later return with the Supreme Soviets to obtain a man from downtown Dublin. Hobbie Brown had been run out of New York by the same Soviet team and fled to Dublin to hide out. The Supreme Soviets and Eclipse were fighting Gobannos, Nor’Easter, Firestar, and Boltine. The fight was going very poorly for the heroes and then it got worse. Firestar infuriated Eclipse with her attacks, this led the man to viciously attack and disembowel Firestar. This led to a loss of control of her powers and she emitted microwave radiation wiping out 25 blocks of downtown Dublin and damaging 96 other blocks of the city or 16% of the city. Eclipse was able to survive the explosion and so were the heroes(minus Firestar obviously). The heroes were able to knockout Eclipse and Scarlet Witch teleported in and told the heroes that she would take the two into custody. This person was not actually Scarlet Witch and she escaped with Eclipse and Hobbie AKA The Prowler. That was the last seen of Eclipse.


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