Member of the Order of Singularity.


F: IN45/Evade AM Health:160
A: AM60 Karma:365
S: IN40 Popularity:17
E: RM30 Resources:Poor (4)
R: RM30
I: RM30
P: RM30
A: FB5

Powers: Phys Enh, Body Resistance RM30, Phys Enh, Hypno Voice GD10, Energy Control, Energy Solidification RM30, Sonic Generation (From Chest) SN60

Talents:Martial Arts D (Ignore effects of body armor) Acrobatics, Pilot

Contacts: Order of Singularity, Chinese Communist Party



Dialectic is an altered human hero, and member of the Order of Singularity. It is not known how Dialectic’s humanity was altered, there by granting him superhuman powers. These powers are roughly divided in strength between physical enhancements (body resistance, hypno-voice) and energy control powers (energy solidification, sonic generation). The alterarion of Dialectic has also left him with an unbelievably unattractive appearance, which has led him (among other factors) to favor a life of seclusion, intellectual study, and spiritual efforts to cope with his many neuroses.

Dialectic’s childhood was spent being raised by a family group of intergalactic and interdimensional travelers, The Stray Sun Family. The origins of this group are now unknown, how they came to be space-dimension travelers, etc. What is known is that they were altered humans, banded together for some purpose, a myestery which they sought to unlock perhaps. It is unlikely that they were an actual family of blood relations, but probably more of a cult-like grouplet, tight knit, and secretive about their cosmic mission.

At some point in Dialiectic;s childhood, The Stray Sun Family came into conflict with another cryptic group, The League of Lost Saints. This group is a dark human supremicist group that opposes altered humans, mutants, and others it considers to be “misrepresentations of humanity among the stars”. They oppose the free travel of altered humans, mutants, and other partial-humans among the stars, wishing to promote the spread of pure,”benign” human beings throughout space. Their reasons for this stance are not known. The League of Lost Saints see themselves as sort of intergalactic vampire hunters, traveling space in pairs of powerful agents, armed with deadly technological weaponry. Their stated goals are to prevent mutants of human origin, altered humans and other freaks from interacting with other species. The League discovered the existence of The Stray Sun Family, and targeted them, eventually cornering them on a remote planet, where many pairs of agents converged and ambushed The Stray Suns. One adult member of the Stray Suns escaped, with one child. The child was dialectic, and he was returned to earth aboard a Stray Sun escape vessel, and delivered to a contact group on Earth. The child was delivered to the Order of Singularity, by some connection with Moon Knight, who was contacted by the last remaining Stary Sun adult, quite by accident, but who had a pre-existing connection to the Order of Singularity.

The Order of Singularity is a neo-philosophical Order that indulges a certain type of radical left-leaning political outlook in earthly (and interplanetary) terms. The Order specializes in discovering or identifying altered humans from a young age, in order to train them to harness their powers in the defense of Earth. The Order champions altered humanity, and is now aware of, and opposed to the activities and existence of the League of Lost Saints. The Order has inner connections to the Chinese communist Party, as well as other more radical left wing movements around the world, in addition to it’s super hero/villain affiliations. Other motivations and activities of the Order of Singularity, in “opposing the duality of reactionary power” in the universe remain unknown.

Dialectic is a somewhat mentally unstable character. He seeks spiritual peace, reduction of ego and emotion, etc. while struggling with neuroses, fears, and alienations related to his unique experience and existence. As a result, it is believed that he was placed back into contact with Moon Knight/Mr. Knight at some point in recent years, to undergoe further training, and psychological support from another mentally ill altered human. The results of this interaction seem to have had a positive impact upon Dialectic.


Dialectic Journal


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