An Altered Human Who has Regeneration and Earth Control Abilities



Fighting: RM
Agility: AM
Strength: EX
Endurance: IN
Reason: EX
Intuition: EX
Psyche: EX
Appearance: TY

Health: 140
Karma: 265


  • First Aid- 2
  • Martial Arts A- 2
  • Oratory- 1
  • Medicine 2


Regeneration: IN
Recovery: GD
Earth Control: AM
Resist Radiation: UN


2x Assault Rifle
2x Pistol
Body Armor
Police Scanner

Resources: Typical
Popularity: 10

Power Stunts

  • Tunneling
  • Spike impale
  • Rock fusion
  • Stone Structures
  • Sandstorm
  • Quicksand
  • Sinkhole
  • Stone Golem

Name: Emily Banks
Age: 25, October 1st, 1990
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130
Race: White
Citizenship: Polish
Martial Status: Single


Emily Banks is a polish nursing student who went to Great Britain for her studies. After being injected with a strange drug at her research facility she gained earth manipulation and regeneration abilities. Running from the research facility, she eventually ran into Seth who placed her with Tycho at his clinic. She currently works there for him while also studying nursing on her own. Through the support of Tycho, she was able to complete her studies and become a successful doctor. They currently function as the two physicians at the clinic.

After a battle in Siberia, Celestya also discovered that she is resistant to the effects of radiation after her suit was destroyed and she survived a deadly attack without becoming a radiation zombie.

After Tycho disappeared, Emily took over the clinic by herself and is a well-known surgeon in Ireland. Since taking over the clinic, she has run it admirably. She also is well-known in the Irish superhuman community for her willingness to treat heroes. She maintains weekly patrols of Dublin and has discovered that the facility that altered her has since been dismantled and no records of its existence remain. One night, an assassin approached her on patrol and she was able to defeat him. From the mysterious cybernetic assassin, she was able to gleam that the research facility specialized in activating latent mutancies in the genome. She still pursues this lead in the hopes of discovering her true identity.


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