Captain Ultra

Hero (Believed to be Deceased)/ Villain/ Self Imposed Exile/ John Jones


Cpt. Ultra form
F 40 IN Health: 170
A 40 IN Popularity: 30 (Ireland)
S 45 UC
E 50 AM
R:TY 5
I:Ty 5
P:TY 5
A: GD 10

Ultra-Powers: When Griffin Gogol mentally activates his Ultra-Powers, his Captain Ultra costume materializes. As Captain Ultra, he can channel his psionic “Ultra-Energy” to perform the following power stunts:
-Alter Ego: Captain Ultra gains the stats as shown above
-Scanner Vision: Fe
-Flight: Rm airspeed
-Intangibility: Gd
-Ultra-Breath: Ex Force
-Body Resistance: Am
-Ultra-Voice: Rm Sonic
-Resistance to Mind Control: In

Talents: Plumbing, Performer

Eclipse form
F:IN 40
A:IN 40
S:MN 75
E:AM 50
A:Good (10)

Powers: Darkforce, Flight, Protection, Vision based powers, Hyper Breath, Invisibility, Teleportation, Claws

Popularity: -40(Ireland), -20 world

Current Form


Popularity: 0 if in a new costume.


Name: Griffin Gogol
Age: 41, April 9, 1974
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 175
Citizenship: American
Martial Status: Single

Captain Ultra was a hero from Ireland. He helped the heroes defeat the Mongoose and saved the heroes when Hindrance collapsed a building on her and The Humbler. Finally, Cpt. Ultra helped Boltine, The Humbler, and Hindrance get into East Germany. While assisting the group on their mission to retrieve Magik they ran into trouble. Magik had been captured by a group of mercenaries consisting of Boomerang, Deadpool, Rhino, and Copperhead. After Seth was able to convince Deadpool to give Magik to him, Deadpool detonated the building. While everyone else in the building was able to escape Cpt. Ultra and the Rhino were not. They both survived the collapsing of the building, the explosion, and the fall but this left Cpt. Ultra badly wounded. Though gravely wounded he helped the group defeat the Rhino. While escaping from East Germany the Germans fired homing missiles at the group. One of these missiles were headed for West Berlin and Hindrance, Cpt. Ultra redirected the missile away from the city and Hindrance, saving her life. Before he could release the missile and get to safety the missile detonated. The explosion from the missile was though to have caused Cpt. Ultra’s death. This has been disproven as a being known as Eclipse now has Cpt. Ultra’s face and powers. It is yet unknown if his mind survived whatever the communist have done to him. Recently, after an assault on missiles containing Hobie Brown’s power neutralizing formula there was a fight between the S.H.I.E.L.D. gathered forces and the communist ones. During this fight Boltine tried to convince Eclipse to break free of the hold that let the Russian’s control him. It nearly failed until Boltine was impaled through the chest. This finally snapped Eclipse out of his mind control and he fought with the American and Irish heroes to defeat the communist’s and destroy the missile base. After the fight Eclipse decided that it would be best for all if he left. He was found by Boltine ,thanks to Charles Xavier, on an island in the Pacific. He helped Boltine foil Apocalypse’s plans though he is no longer going by the name Eclipse but he told Boltine his real name “John Jones”.

Captain Ultra

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