Captain Britain

X-Force Member


Brian Braddock

F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Un100
E) Mn90
R) Gd10
I) In40
P) Ex20

Health: 260 Karma: 70
Resources: Ex Pop: 30

Known Powers:
True Flight: Sh-X airspeed
Enhanced Senses: Rm Hearing, Sight and Smell

Costume: Captain Britain’s costume has a force field closely over his skin, this gives him the following power stunts:
-Shield: Rm protection vs.Physical, Energy and Psionic attacks.
-Force Attack: Rm ranged Blunt attack

Talents: Acrobatics, British Folklore and History, Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Pilot

Contacts: Excalibur


Name: Brian Braddock
Age: 27, April 16, 1988
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 257
Citizenship: British
Martial Status: Married (Meggan)

Merlyn sent James Braddock to Earth-616 to sire a champion who could defend the multiverse against the myriad threats facing it; the studious Brian was his third child. He grew up a solitary child, save for his siblings, losing himself in books. Home on a break from studying physics at Thames University, Brian was out when his parents were killed, apparently in a lab accident. He took a summer job at Darkmoor Nuclear Complex, a secret research facility near the Scottish border, soon after his parents died, trying to keep himself busy, but the facility was attacked by the forces of Joshua Stragg, the Reaver, who sought to kidnap the scientists within and make it look like they had all died in a reactor accident. At the urging of his mentor Dr. Travis, Brian fled on a motor bike to get help. Forced over a cliff by his pursuers, he dragged his injured body from the burning wreckage to witness a vision of Merlyn and the Lady of the Northern Skies (Roma) above a ring of standing stones; told to choose between the Sword of Might and Amulet of Right, Brian picked the latter. He was struck by mystical energy and transformed into the costumed hero Captain Britain; the new hero swiftly gained the upper hand against the Reaver.

Brian publicly debuted fighting the crimelord Vixen’s minions in London, though some, such as Chief Inspector Dai Thomas of Scotland Yard, were not glad to see him. Brian teamed with Captain America, Nick Fury, and Lance Hunter, Director of S.T.R.I.K.E. (Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies), Britain’s equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D., to battle the Red Skull; early on in this skirmish Mastermind used holograms to fake Braddock Manor’s destruction in a bomb strike. While battling Lord Hawk, a former colleague of his father who used a robotic hawk built for him by Brian in his campaign against modern society, Brian was badly injured. While his body lay dying in a S.T.R.I.K.E. medical facility, Merlyn and Roma brought his spirit to them. Brian returned to his healed body and slipped out of the S.T.R.I.K.E. base.

Brian visited America on a student exchange program, rooming with Peter Parker (Spider-Man), alongside whom he faced the assassin Arcade and the lycanthropic Litter; towards the end of this stay homesickness and stress saw him temporarily drinking more than was wise. After a brief trip home, Brian returned to the States to complete his studies, and there joined other heroes congratulating the newly pardoned Hulk. At the entrance to Otherworld Brian was slain by the spectral White Rider, and his corpse claimed by Mandrac, Nethergod Lord of the Slain and the Rider’s master, though Merlyn and the Knight swiftly recovered it. Merlyn reunited Captain Britain’s departed spirit with his body, resurrecting him. While the hero healed, Merlyn restored his remaining memories, and informed him of the Nethergod’s involvement with his early foes. Now recalling Arthur’s location, the Knight, Britain, and the elf Jackdaw, were sent to awaken the King. Succeeding in this quest, Arthur then sent Brian and Jackdaw magically away through the dimensions, stating Brian had a destiny to fulfill elsewhere.

As the pair slipped between realities, Merlyn took the opportunity to upgrade his champion, transforming his costume to enhance his strength and incorporate the powers of flight and forcefield previously part of his sceptre. The pair arrived on Earth-238, immediately encountering Mad Jim Jaspers and his Crazy Gang. Soon coming to realize he was not on his native Earth, learning that this world once had a Captain U.K. He aided Saturnyne in her mission to evolve this reality up to minimum standards, but after they believed they had succeeded, Jaspers unleashed his mental powers, plunging the world into an insane maelstrom. The authorities reactivated their hero killing cybiote, the Fury, which slew Jackdaw; Saturnyne fled, abandoning Captain Britain, whose arm the Fury broke without even trying. Brian gained a brief reprieve when Jaspers picked him up in a flying teacup and explained how he had engineered the destruction of every other superhuman on this planet, before dropping the shell-shocked hero in a superhero graveyard, where he found Captain U.K.’s empty grave. There the Fury caught up with him, and incinerated him on the spot.

Merlyn and Roma retrieved his remains – a rag, bone and hank of hair – and rebuilt him, moving his powers from his costume to his body and enhancing his senses, before returning him to his own world, Earth-616. Needing to touch base with something familiar after so long away, Brian returned to the site of the bombed Braddock Manor, discovering it was intact, and learning of Mastermind’s ruse. He was kidnapped by the Special Executive, a team of interdimensional mercenaries, who had been hired by Saturnyne to bring him to an alternate Earth as a defense witness at her trial, where she was accused of causing the chaos wave engulfing Earth-238 – there Brian met two more of his interdimensional counterparts, Captain England and Captain Albion. Brian was outraged when prosecutor Lord Mandragon destroyed Earth-238 to prevent the infection spreading (and destroy the evidence which could clear Saturnyne). To prevent Saturnyne’s execution, he and the Executive battled their way out the court and fled to Earth-616, and the residents of Braddock Manor increased once more.

Moments after entering the Manor, Captain U.K., sole surviving hero of 238, turned up on the doorstep, to inform them that the Jaspers of 616 was about to launch his own campaign of hero genocide. At first Brian refused to believe things would repeat the course of 238, but then the Fury, which had survived the destruction of its dimension and tracked down Brian to 616, attacked. It slew some of the Executive before being temporarily immobilized in a cave in; the Executive left for other realities, while Brian and his remaining allies fled into London. Jaspers took control of the country with incredible speed, his powers hastening things along, and used Vixen’s S.T.R.I.K.E. to round up the country’s superhuman population into concentration camps. Horrified at the fascist state his country had become, Brian went to confront the architect of the madness; as he reached Downing Street, Jaspers unleashed his Warp, twisting reality into an Escheresque nightmare. Brian’s experiences over the years, carefully orchestrated by Merlyn to strengthen his mind and body, allowed him to stay sane under Jaspers’ bombardment, but he was no match for his opponent powerwise, though he struggled valiantly on for as long as he could. Then the Fury arrived, beating him to a pulp, and would have killed him again, except that Jaspers caught its attention; it had been unable to attack its creator, something which had always irritated it, but this counterpart was not the same man. The Fury slew Jaspers after a prolonged battle; the battered Captain Britain tried to destroy the weakened cybiote, but it was only the intervention of Captain U.K. that finally did the deed. The two heroes and Saturnyne, who was also present, were then whisked off to Otherworld by Roma, to attend Merlyn’s funeral, as he had apparently been killed while observing the conflict, and there Brian met many of his fellow Corps members for the first time. He and Captain U.K. then returned to Earth-616.

Six months passed after the abatement of the Jaspers’ Warp, and the country returned to relative normality. Brian encountered the vulpine mutant Meggan, fighting her until Micky Scott, a bystander and friend of Meggan, died in the crossfire. Guilt ridden, Captain Britain threw himself into doing good deeds, then after Micky’s funeral, approached the Scott family to apologize for Micky’s death. They forgave him, recognizing it was an accident, and he was reunited with Meggan too, learning she was not a monster, and was equally grief stricken over Micky. Brian offered to let Meggan stay at the Manor, and help her find her family, whom she had been separated from during Jaspers’ purges, After a fight with the Cherubim team of Warpies, during which Meggan learned of her transformative powers and took on an appearance designed to attract Brian, R.C.X. moved in at the insistence of Brian’s sister Betsy. For a couple of days Brian put up with sharing his home with government covert ops and hundreds of mutated children, drinking to cope, before learning that his brother Jamie had been taken captive in Africa. With Meggan he traveled to Mbangawi to free him, only to learn that Jamie had become a slaver and murderer, and deserved his punishment. Unwilling to return home, Brian and Meggan traveled the world for several weeks, visiting Bali, the Himalayas and Egypt, and romance blossomed between them, before ending up in Russia where they fought the witch woman Baba Yaga. They were then snatched through time to help Gatecrasher in fourteenth century Peru, then returned home to Braddock Manor, where Brian witnessed Betsy in a Captain Britain costume; angered that R.C.X. had convinced his sister to replace him, Brian decided to quit. He used Incan gold to buy a lighthouse, and he and Meggan moved in; they spent nearly half a year there, during which time Brian didn’t wear his costume, learning as his powers grew that it had been a largely unnecessary crutch. His retirement ended when Betsy was attacked and blinded by Slaymaster; Brian felt her pain, flew to her aid and killed Slaymaster. Realising he could not deny his responsibility, he took up the mantle of Captain Britain once more.

SInce then, he has been a reserve member of the X-Force team of Ireland though he spends most of his time protecting the United Kingdom. He also teaches physics at the Xavier Institute in Cork

Captain Britain

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