Johnathan West, an Android Who is a Perfect Human Replica


Health 190/190
Karma 335
Fighting – Am(50)
Agility – In(40)
Strength – Am(50)
Endurance – Am(50)
Reason – Ex(20)
Intuition – In(40)
Psyche – Gd(10)
Appearance – In(40)

Resources – Gd(10)

Stealth – In40
Force Field – In40
Self Sustanance(Permanent) – Rm30
Martial Arts D
Dr. Chris Moore – Engineer/Inventor – University of Harvard
Agent Dawson – M15


1. What do you look like out of costume?
Short black hair, with dark brown eyes. Caucasian. Super duper handsome.
2. What do you look like in costume?
A black eye mask similar to night wings and a full grey body suit.
3. What’s your name and superhero name?
Jonathan West-Borg.
4. Why are you a superhero?
I’m trying to find the human experience, and I need to protect people in order to better observe them.
5. Who are the people important in your life? None contact people.
An outcast at my school, knows about as much about socializing as I do, Timothy Wagganar. My behavior analyst who worked under Chris Moore during my development. Tracy Higgins.
6. What’s your personality like? Three words or less.
Awkward, Passive
7. Do you have any enemies?
Not yet.
8. What are you doing now?
Attending highschool as a social experiment to help me better understand how to interact with humans.
9. Why are you working out of Cincinnati?
My behavior analyst is a professor at UC.

Borg was killed in the final battle against Adept. He was the only loss amongst the Cincinnati heroes and he died to save people he didn’t fully understand.


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