Super Hero


F:RM Health: 110
A:RM Karma:110
S:EX Popularity: 0
E:RM Resources: GD

Powers: Electric Manipulation, Air Control, Corrosive Touch, Clairaudience

Talents: Genetics, Repair/Tinkering, Biology

Contacts: Professor X, Tony Stark, Banshee, The Humbler, and Ms. Marvel


Name: Michael Glidewell
Age: 23, July 27th, 1992
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150
Race: White
Martial Status: Single (Formerly dated Carol Danvers)

Michael Glidewell was the first born of a humble family in Ireland. It wasn’t immediate, but his parents started to notice he was special. He was smart, fast and strong, much more so than average. graduated high school at 15 going on to college to get a degree in America finishing 2 years early with a degree in genetics he quickly caught the eye of a fellow prodigy Tony Stark, who offered him a job in his genetics lab. being somewhat of a hero to Mike he quickly accepted and attempted to impress him in any way possible. However during his employment he started to realize how special he really was. He resigned respectfully and went home to see if he could find some connections to his powers in his family genes. But, shortly after arriving and finding a job, he found out how bad his home had gotten and his project fell on the back burner and eventually was forgotten as he took up the name of Boltine fighting crime as best as he can and saving two troublesome “superheros”/“friends” who seem to be a magnet for trouble without him…..Boltine has recently had a power increase thanks to the power cosmic.

Boltine performed admirably as a hero of Dublin for a period of time. Even saving the world from the domination of Apocalypse. However, his scientific successes have led him to decide he could do more good there and has since focused his energies on science and the betterment of humanity. He works for Seth both at Mercury Industries and at the superhuman school, the Xavier Academy Cork.

Boltine developed an interdimensional portal on the school grounds, secretly, despite Seth’s warning of the dangers of it. The portal proved unstable and collapsed. The destructive energy and small army of evil alternate reality villains nearly overwhelmed the school, but Boltine played the part of the hero one final time and forsced them back through the breach and sealed it at the cost of his life. He has since been buried on the grounds of the mansion he protected.


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