Black Hole

The Former Astronaut Who was Bombarded with Cosmic Rays


Altered Human- Linus Lackey (AKA Black Hole)

Fighting 40 Incredible
Agility 40 Incredible
Strength 40 Incredible
Endurance 40 Incredible
Reason 11 Good
Intuition 10 Good
Psyche 10 Good
Appearance 10 Good

Health- 160/160
Karma- 881
Resources- 10 Good
Popularity- 12 Good

Gravity Manipulation- 50 Amazing
True Flight- 20 Excellent

Power Stunts
Gravity Force Field 1 CS
Suspending Force
Two Centers of Gravity- l
Shockwave Punch- l

Talents- 25each (Arial Combat- Markmanship)
Contacts- NASA, Reed Richards
Normal People I Know- My Parents and sister, a few astronauts, my captain from when I was in the military, a roommate from college, and a nurse that was working with me when Reed was.


Name: Linus Lackey
Age: 28, November 29th, 1987
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175
Race: White
Martial Status: Single
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Blonde
Blood Type- Special

Story-I was an Astronaut working on the International Space Station. Some alarms started going off and I was sent into one of the back parts of station when it was torn apart by radiation. I woke in Arizona somehow having survived the fall through the atmosphere and back down to earth. Reed Richards was one of the first scientists who was consulted because of distinct similarities between his anomaly and mine. My character strives to be a hero like Reed, but doesn’t much care for Reeds scientific nature.
I have both parent who are extremely proud of their astronaut son, and they were very encouraging with his dream to set up a research facility on Titan, one of Jupiters moons. His only sibling, a sister named Francis Lackey is finishing her doctorate of Theoretical Physics at UNC, Chapel Hill.
Before being an astronaut he was in the military from ages 18-24 as a jet pilot before being accepted by NASA. While in the military he studied engineering, and although not the “smartest” person at the military academy, he distinguished himself as a very hard worker.
Linus had moved to Japan for a short period of time to help the Japanese space program develop some technology for astronauts. While there, he protected Japan from a number of threats and returned to the United States with a number of commendations from the Japanese Government. Since then, he has taken up a postion with NASA working on their Mars programs.

Black Hole

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