Minor Villain



Powers: Body Armor, Charge

Talents: Basketball


Name: Billy Kitson
Age: 24, July 4th, 1991
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 310
Race: Black
Martial Status: Single

Billy Kitson was a promising young basketball player whose skills had won him a college scholarship. Unfortunately, a crippling accident ended his sports career, and an embittered Kitson turned to petty crime. Somehow, Kitson came to the attention of the rogue Egyptian god Seth, who genetically mutated Kitson into a super-strong man-bull, calling him Bison. Seth dispatched his agents Bison, Mongoose and Quicksand to steal a sample of the compound Inferno-42 from the intelligence agency SHIELD. In the course of this mission, Seth’s agents battled Thunderstrike, SHIELD agent Alex DePaul, and hero-for-hire Luke Cage, who had been called in by Kitson’s girlfriend, Shamari Asbery, in hopes of keeping Kitson out of trouble. During the battle, a conscience-stricken Kitson turned on his partners, defeating Quicksand and saving the life of DePaul, who let Bison go free in gratitude.

However, Kitson has continued his criminal career in hopes of amassing sufficient funds or resources to restore himself to normal, desperate to regain his humanity. This is how the Hobgoblin managed to hire him to help the other villains he recruited break him out of prison.

After that failed endeavor, he returned to the United States. He ended up getting paid by the Kingpin to be an enforcer for him. He was defeated in Cincinnati and kidnapped by The Eleven, who sent him into battle against Count Nefaria who brutally murdered Bison.


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