Betty Brant

Secretary at Dublin Enquirer


Name: Betty Brant
Age: 29, August 8th, 1986
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 125
Race: White
Martial Status: Married

Betty is Kate Cushing’s secretary, and has been involved both in the life of both with Peter Parker and since the beginning of his career. She was the secretary for the Daily Bugle’s publisher J. Jonah Jameson when she first met freelance photographer, Peter Parker. A budding romance with Peter was cut short when her brother was killed in a fight in which Spider-Man was a participant. From that point on, she dreaded the idea of Peter exposing himself to danger just to take photographs. The relationship ended when Peter realized that she couldn’t accept the dangers he faced and she ended up dating and marrying Ned Leeds.

Betty Brant

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