Adminstrator at Xavier Academy Cork


F:EX 20
A:RM 30
S:GD 10
E:IN 40
R:Gd 10
I:EX 20
P:Ex 20
A:Ty 6

Powers: Sound Based Powers

Talents: Law Enforcement, Detective/Espionage, Handguns, Electronics, Mechanics, Martial Arts A, B, School Administration

Popularity:10/ 20(Ireland)


Name: Sean Cassidy
Age: 47, October 30th, 1968
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170
Race: White
Martial Status: Widowed

A former member of the X-Men now he is working for professor Xavier starting a new academy in Ireland. Banshee worked for Interpol for years before realizing his mutant powers and joining the X-Men. In a battle to save Japan, Banshee seriously damaged his vocal chords. His voice returned but he had lost his mutant powers. He has since retired with his love, Moira MacTaggert, and his own long-lost daughter, Theresa, who has sound-related powers similar to those of her father.
They all live on Muir Island in Ireland. His cousin is Black Tom Cassidy, the mutant
villain. Even though he and Black Tom have an enemy relationship, Black Tom did send
Sean’s daughter to him when her identity was discovered. Sean is friendly, honest, and open in his relationship with people. It is obvious in both his attitudes and actions that he loves life. He is the perfect light-hearted Irishman. He has now been intrusted with responsibilities by Xavier to run another academy in Belfast. The students have moved out after aging to young adults. The academy went well but the numerous superhuman attacks have led Seth to believe the students would be safer else where. Now, many live on an island with Seth in the Atlantic.


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