Arthur Pendragon

The Legendary King of the Britons


Arthur Pendragon-Representing the United Kingdom
Fighting Sn 60/Sh-125
Agility In 40
Strength Fn 35
Endurance Uc 45
Reason Ex 20
Intuition Rm 30
Psyche In 40
Appearance Rm 30

Health 180
Karma 300
Popularity 100 (Europe), 80 (World)
Resources Ex 20


Excalibur: Class 3000
• This weapon does full damage, negating any body armor, body resistance, or armor skin except True Invulnerability and Force Fields.
• It can cut through materials of less than Class 1000 no matter the thickness
• Light Control: Rm 30
o King Arthur has blinding power stunt with this weapon
Sheath of Excalibur: Two abilities
• Body Resistance: Un 100 (Including to Excalibur)
• Regeneration: In 40
• Disease Resistance: Ex 20
• Resistance to Aging: Rm 30
The Dagger Carnwennan: Class 1000
• Shadowcasting: Rm 30
The Spear of Rhongomynaid: Class 1000
• +4CS to hit when thrown
• When thrown, it covers a number of areas equal to what King Arthur’s strength is in Flight Speed

Martial Arts C, Martial Arts E, Sharp Weapons, Bow, Weapon Specialist: Sword, Weapon Master, Leadership, Thrown Objects, Occult Lore, Riding

British government, EU Defense Initiative, Excalibur


Name: Arthur Pendragon
Age: Looks to be late 30s
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 210
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed

The legendary King Arthur was discovered sleeping by Dr. Timothy Weisberg and Dr. Henry Jones. The two renowned archeologists brought the sleeping King to Mercury Industries facilities in Ireland where he was awoken by Seth and Stellianos. After some early run in and confusions with the local superhero community and authorities, King Arthur took a position on the EDI where he has served the European community admirably since 2013.

Arthur Pendragon

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