A Villain That Planned to Free Nations From Their Governments


F: Gd/In
A: Ex/Am
S: Gd/Sp
E: Ex/Un
R: Rm
I: Ex/Am
P: Ty
A: Rm

Power Armor: Increase Stats
-Hyper Speed: AM
-Body Armor: IN
-Electrical Generation: IN
-Targeting Computer: +1CS to hit

Talents: Weapons Manufacturing,

Contacts: His Organization, Flagsmasher


Name: Unrevealed
Age: 38, February 28th, 1977
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 190
Race: Arabic
Martial Status: Single

He is a villain that has been seen around the world. He created anarchist rebellions throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. The heroes of Ireland tried to stop him, but failed. He was eventually brought down by a Soviet invasion which has reincorporated parts of Central Asia and created communist governments in the Middle East. He has been missing ever since then.


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