Amara Juliana Olivans Auilla (Magma)

Former Student of Xavier Academy


F:GD 10
A:EX 20
S:TY 6
E:IN 40
R:RM 30
I:GD 10
P:GD 10
A:RM 30

Powers:Earth, and Lava manipulation

Talents: Sharp Weapons, Computers, Bi-lingual (Latin, English), Jungle Survival


Name: Amara Aquilla
Age: 23, August 27th, 1996 (Aged forward 4 years)
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 131
Race: Native American
Martial Status: Single

Magma is a native of Nova Roma, an ancient Roman colony in the Amazon region, which survived to this day. The head of the colony was Selene. She joined the New Mutants in order to discover more about the outside world. She has since broken with the academy in Cork over disagreements in her role in the world with the backer Seth. She has been traveling with her boyfriend Jeffrey Black.

Amara Juliana Olivans Auilla (Magma)

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