Marvel Superheroes

World War Hulk

The Hulk and the Heroes Return to Earth

The heroes and The Hulk land on the moon. After last session and the ships crashed into each other both landed on the moon. Inhuman guards escorted Dialectic, Dr. Tomorrow, and Li-Rogg to the Inhuman city of Attilan. They walk through the city and the guards lead them into the palace of the Inhuman royal family. The heroes walk into the audience room and they see Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton, and Karnak. The heroes, of course, do not recognize or know any of the Inhumans. Medusa speaks to them and questions them on their intentions and why they’ve landed in Inhuman territory. Also, why there is a member of the Kree with them. She questions them if Li-Rogg is a member of the Kree forces on the moon. As the conversation continues, Black Bolt attention is suddenly shifted to a far-off sound that he and one of the heroes hear. He stops the conversation, has Medusa send the heroes back to their ship, and leaves the throne room stopping anyone from following him. The heroes are directed to wait till he has descended and are escorted out by Karnak. Outside of the throne room, they see something that is a surprise to them all. The Hulk. He challenges Black Bolt to a fight for vengeance and the two of them move off to the distance near the heroes new ship.

The group chases after them and finds the Warbound loitering around the ship. Waiting and watching. Black Bolt and the Hulk quickly begin to fight and Black Bolt displays a number of abilities that have no effect on the Hulk. Until the Hulk goads Black Bolt into using his voice. His voice injures the Hulk and the group stays back and observes the battle. It keeps going and the Hulk presses on against Black Bolt and though grievously injured, is able to beat him. As the Hulk is about to finish Black Bolt off, Dr. Tomorrow saves him by moving him back with his magnetism. At this moment, the Inhuman forces attack the Hulk and take Black Bolt away from him. Knocking the Hulk off of the moon and towards Earth in a moment of heroism. The group starts a fight with the Warbound deciding that the Hulk shouldn’t have any reinforcements in his war against Earth. The battle is long and hard. The combatants closely matched, but in the end, the fight goes against the heroes and they are able to retreat barely. The Warbound are also injured and elect to pursue Hulk instead of trying to finish the battle. After our heroes ship is repaired, they also take off towards Earth, but with the intention to get aid in making it to the center of the universe.

As they approach Earth, they are given permission to enter and find that many of the people that they were planning on contacting for help have gone missing thanks to the Hulk’s attacks. They eventually decide on meeting up with Seth and Stellianos who Dr. Tomorrow’s SHIELD contact is able to get them in touch with. Stellianos promises to help them out and asks them for their help against the Hulk. The heroes are nervous, but agree to it and rush to Ireland and meetup with Stellianos and briefly go over the plan to drain the Hulk of energy before the make contact with the Hulk who is fighting at the Cork Academy. When they arrive, the Hulk has just defeated the final defender of the Xavier Academy, The Humbler, and is on his way to his ship with the unconscious Seth. The Warbound are waiting at the ship for the Hulk. The heroes and the European Defense Initiative spring into action with King Arthur, Stellianos, Dialectic, and Dr. Tomorrow taking on the Hulk as the other members of the EDI fight his warbound.


Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Dr. Tomorrow

World War Hulk

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