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Is it only January of the new year? It’s been a month? Maybe a couple or more since I switched over to the new costume and identity. The business is going well after a slow start, the team has really come together, and we’re no longer on the run. But dear god, it feels like it was twenty years ago when we all started. Twenty years ago about 4 months ago…How did it all start? Was it in that alley way, or on the riverbank?

I’m hazy on the full details even with my enhanced memory, but I remember meeting a grumpy mage tracking some demonic entities, while I was tracking kidnappers. We met up and butted heads, but realized quickly we were on the same team. Force was his name, and he wasn’t destined to be in Cincy long.

Then came the others. More magic had descended on the Emerald of Ohio, and we fought some strange fish monster. That original team up was fun. Here I met a good man named The Fog, a brilliant inventor named Gamma (Darrell Thornton), a guy trying to learn how to be a person named Borg, and a crazy homeless guy with an intense desire for water named Waterfall.

Things started to heat up with a mysterious group of powerful villains moving about the city. We all came together to try to stop them, and nearly died at least twice facing off against them. First time was awful against a terrible assassin named Crossfire. It was this man who took Fog from us…But that was not our first loss, nor our last. We should’ve known from that first showdown against Crossfire that things were going to get worse, but being optimistic heroes we pushed ever forward.

From there we continued to do good work, but started attracting more attention. First it came from a literal vampire who had a love of magic shows named Count Nefaria, and that was our first run in with a a true demon and got our butts handed to us, and then SHIELD got involved. Which means everybody’s beloved Dictator, Dr. Doom got involved.

We lost Borg, Force, and The Fog that day to SHIELD in one form or another. Being interrogated on the hellicarrier was the last time I saw Force and Fog. Thankfully I was able to meet up with the others, but Borg was never the same. None of us were.

We were saved by the Secret Avengers, and continued to fight injustice. Crossing paths with the Eleven here and there. This was when I first met the speedster Bullet. She didn’t seem as evil as the other members of the Eleven I had met prior to this, and I started trying to free her from the path of crime. I was held up when the team went to save Fog from Crossfire and the Eleven. Which still haunts me to this day. I should’ve been there, but they told me that even with me there, we wouldn’t have been able to save him.

But there was no time to dry our tears. Instead Cincinnati erupted in fire and pain. The Eleven had made their final push for power, but some of their members had pushed too far and began to fight back alongside us, their one time foes. To make a long story short, we made it out. We fought to the last woman and man, repelling an invasion of true evil.

Wrapping everything up we vanished into the night with the Avengers. Took a trip to the true Doctor Doom and took him down, revealing that he could have stopped the demons at anytime, of course. What a douche. After getting our offered to join the Avengers, I had to decline, but they insisted I be a reserve member. I’m pretty sure just about every hero in America counts as a reserve member, but it’s still cool. I’ve got a little card and everything.

Anyway we headed back to Cincy. I reconnected with the orphanage and Riko. Got back in touch with Jonas and we moved forward with the start-up tech company, moving out of the shadow of our former internships. I managed to persuade Bullet, her brother Aegis, and her friend Frostbite to switch sides, but it didn’t stick. Then we began recruiting the Initiative heroes El Toro and Silicon to join our group since we had worked together in the past to save the city on at least two occasions.

We finally decided on a team name. The New Wave. After officially being elected team leader, I changed my identity and costume to reflect it. Now I lead the heroes of Cincinnati to battle against the crime element that still remains. But I lead it as Velocity, with my brothers and sisters in arms at my back. For those that have fallen before will not be forgotten.

Besides we don’t need to talk about the day I met Hyjinxs and Captain America, because I was also almost swallowed by a python…


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Ultimate Ultra Speed

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