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The Scarlet Messenger


  • Date: October 6th, 2012

The Avengers host a party of the World’s premiere super heroes including the X-Men, Excalibur, the Fantastic Four, the Euro Team, and even Alpha Flight. Our heroes are in a state of awe and disbelief to be surrounded by such stalwart heroes! The party is a forerunner to the serious business at hand of connecting every super team. Allowing each team to keep tabs on what the others are up too, in a lesser degree, trading information on villains, and any other important coming and goings.

Most superheroes part their ways, save for the Avengers, Seth’s Irish group, and the higher ups of each super team who stay to hammer out the details over the following week. At the end of their discussion the Irish group plans to head home. A large gathering of the Masters of Evil have another idea, and launch an ambush the night before. Consisting of a majority of super villains that Fuuten stole from the Isle of Gobannos maximum security prison. The battle is intense, but with the combined efforts of the Avengers and the Irish super heroes limited to Mercury, Autopsy, Tycho, Eryn, and the Humbler the villains are defeated. With minimal casualties. Strangely no one seems to react to Mercury being vaporized by Radioactive Man. Although Captain America was quite displeased with his excessive force on Thunderball that nearly killed the villain and took the use of his arms.

A new hero is sent in place of Mercury named Mach IV, which Cap seems to recognize as Mercury, and a news broadcast gives details of an attack on the United Nations by a man dressed in red. An Avengers team comprised of several key Avengers: Cap, Iron Man, Vision, Warbird, etc, and the Irish heroes (who have been recently made reserve Avengers) that stayed in New York including the new Mach IV go to meet this aggressor. Already in a gun fight with U.N. security forces, the Avengers call out for a cease and desist. Iron Man being the first to physically impose himself on the man in red. Followed by Mach IV, and then the rest of the heroes seeing this aggressive man break into a fight. The fight is short lived, but the man is found out as the Scarlet Centurion and is a herald for a great and powerful man. Which the super team quickly provokes this great and powerful man to simultaneously attack and “save” them all from his devastating attack. Floating on his magical super discs appears Kang the Conqueror.

Kang proceeds to televise his message of ego-tastic messiah-hood to the World and at the same time verbally backhand the Avengers. He prophesizes several attacks, and offers to save the World from itself, since he is a future man, come from the future to lend everyone a helping hand of loyal servitude to him. The Secretary General, who has no super powers, stands up to Kang and tells him that the people of the Earth do not need nor want his help. This was a ploy to sneak attack Kang with regular military grade weapons, and not special Fantastic Four/Stark death lasers, but Kang was already prepared because as he pointed out, he’s from the future. Iron Man reveals that attacks are happening all over the World from various hidden villains. Which is exactly what Kang foretold, but was also his doing because he offered asylum and lordship to anyone who made a power grab, but submitted to him as overlord. With this Kang smugly takes his leave.

The Avengers break into a huddle with every Avenger, ever. There are several locations that need saving including Russia (by a villain named Presence), China (by the Deviants), and Canada (by rogue Atlanteans) among the top priorities. Two other locations are under attack by A.I.M. and the Wizard. New heroes arrive from Ireland all wearing the new “M” logo associated first with the reluctant hero Mercury, and then later Mach IV, which seem to be Seth’s new line of heroes from his company Mercury Industries. One hero for each location.

In Russia, the team of heroes consisting of Cap, Quicksilver, Celestya, The Black Knight, Thor, and Aphetamine (new Mercury Industries hero). Thanks to the resiliency of Celestya and Thor, the quick thinking/swift of foot of Quicksilver the Avengers are able to defeat Presence and his radioactive zombies. With nearly the entire team being taken out it came down to Celestya and Thor who saved the day.

In Canada rogue Atlanteans are laying siege by the thousands. A team consisting of Eryn, Autopsy, Mr. Samadhi (another Mercury Industries hero), Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Stingray, with Giant Man already there, move to assist Canadian forces and stem the tide of battle against the Atlanteans. At first the Avengers are taken back by the monstrous aquatic gorilla and the ferocity of the Atlantean foot soldiers, but thanks to Mr. Samadhi’s wisdom, the strength and fortitude of Autopsy, and the magical power of Eryn the Avengers stem the tide of battle. Autopsy quickly earning the ire of the Atlantean warlord Attuma. Yellowjacket intervenes in the knick of time to stop the giant gorilla, but at great cost to himself. Thanks to the medical training of Autopsy and Mr. Samadhi he manages to shrink enough, and be stabilized before dying from internal injuries and cardiac arrest.

Alas the battle is far from over. It is learned that the Atlanteans will strike again on the morrow! The Avenger substitute their dangerously wounded leaving behind a smaller contingent of heroes, adding only Hercules and Stingray to the battle lines. Seth sends another hero to aid them named Vengeance. Mr. Samadhi and Eryn work to shore up the battle defenses against the overall force of Atlanteans. The next day arrives and the Atlanteans arrive in force on the beachhead while Autopsy and Stingray take the fight to their base deep in the ocean. Leaving the two of them to take on the mighty Attuma alone, while the Scarlet Witch, Eryn, Mr. Samadhi, Hercules, and Vengeance fight a large force of Atlanteans now with a monstrous aquatic iguana and a blue whale with legs and arms. Hercules takes on the whale by himself, while the others fend off the iguana and Atlanteans. With Samadhi commanding from the back lines, Vengeance diving into the fray and using massive shadow tentacles to strike at the person controlling the iguana. Eryn uses his magic to aide Vengeance and they remove the control device from the Iguana which prompts it to retreat into the sea. With both the Whale and Iguana back in the ocean the Avengers make quick work of the land invasion. The battle deep in the ocean does not go in favor of the Avengers after a herculean effort (get it?!) the mighty Attuma proves to much in his natural element of the ocean for Stingray and the powerful Autopsy. Emerging with their unconscious bodies to confront the remaining Avengers he promises to snap their necks if he does not receive his trident. The Avengers make a move to toss his trident deep in the sea and capture Attuma, but he escapes with Stingray while dropping Autopsy in the escaping fracas. Several miles out, Stingray is found unconscious, but alive.

With the remaining forces bearing down on them will the Avengers have the endurance to fight off these foes, and still be able to defend the Earth from Kang the time traveling conquerer like so many times before, or is this finally the end?! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Authored by: Deutschvergnugen


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The Scarlet Messenger

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The Scarlet Messenger

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