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The Recruitment Drive Wraps Up

Introducing the Harbinger!

  • 14th-21st of September, 2015

This latest iteration of our heroes adventures begins with Scorpion recovering from her stay in the hospital, courtesy of Senyaka. She gets out of the hospital and returns to Reginald’s apartment. Reginald and Nadia’s relationship is expanded on in this chapter and we find that they’re a couple. Reginald develops as a serious character and Nadia’s fights against Senyaka and her pursuit of a superhuman tomorrow strains her relationships and her studies at her university. She enlists the help of the oblivious professor Dr. LaVelle Johnson AKA Harbinger. The two of them are able to make some insights into the nature of the serum, but Dr. Johnson enlists the help of a colleague, Dr. Mavise Klingenberg. Dr. Klingenberg is also the professor that Nadia is a graduate assistant for. She makes some astute observations that call into question the ethics of Nadia’s story and requests a meeting with her. The meeting goes poorly when Nadia decides to lie to Dr. Klingenberg and Klingenberg doesn’t believe her. Nadia’s in trouble for her work on the serum, hiding it, and possession of something that will likely kill whoever ingests it, along with it being highly illegal of course.

In the field of superheroics, the Scorpion does her regular patrols and harasses some Goblin gang members. They mostly just try to ignore her, but the Scorpion forces them to fight her and then beats them up while getting in trouble with the cops. She also happens to stumble upon Harbinger a few times and deduces his identity as LaVelle Johnson. Eventually, she thinks she stumbles upon a Goblin crime scene, but is getting beaten badly by a number of Goblin gangsters. Then Harbinger intervenes and breaks up the fight. When the police come, they try to arrest him. Harbinger escapes and is tracked down by Scorpion who confronts him as his civilian identity. He just pretends not to know what she’s talking about and Scorpion is arrested when some police officers arrive on the scene.

In Jail, Scorpion calls Mona and has her break her out. Mona recruits Scorpion and takes her to LaVelle Johnson where the Scorpion is very aggressive to Dr. Johnson. Mona recruits Dr. Johnson as well and gives Nadia some life advice while giving some of her own backstory. She reveals to the two new members of the group that she was a “terrorist” on Raxa III because her species have had their homeworld taken from them and the members of her species on Raxa III have been forced for an interplanetary mafia. So, Mona staged a coup and detonated thousands of their vehicles before leaving the planet. She tells the story so that Nadia would stop giving up on things prematurely and whining about how bad things were.


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The Recruitment Drive Wraps Up

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