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The Fey War Ends

The Six Day World War

  • July 31st-November 14th, 2016

The heroes make their way back to Excalibur base. Badly injured, but alive. They take a rest and decide to meet up afterward to discuss their course of actions. The meeting takes place and the heroes discuss the missing Adam Jenson. Daybreak had spotted him leave and agree to Seth’s deal. So, they move to remove him from the team and disable his communication device. next, they go over the results of the battle and discuss what actions they can take against Oberon’s armies. They also look over incoming operations data from other teams around the world. The situation rapidly stabilized as heroes took action. The combined forces of the heroes and national armies are holding the fairies at their beachhead around the portals to their realms. Casualties have hit about 4000. Many in places with less of a superhero presence.

Reports are sent and Captain Righteous encourages everyone to go out and look over the community to let them know that their heroes are among them. The team ignores that request and BC stays-in to research means to battle the fey and information on their new enemies. Daybreak goes and checks in on those closest to her and her dojo. Captain Righteous goes on patrol. Adam Jenson is presented with a power-up and prepared to return to Earth. Captain Righteous’ patrol is encouraging. Though some Londoners seem to be against the team’s actions that led to Oberon’s invasion. Most seem to have an air of defiance. Londoners seem to be tired of being pushed around.

Returning to Excalibur Blue HQ, Captain Righteous meets the new liaison from the government to Excalibur. Clifford Brown. Clifford Brown is waiting on authentication to enter from overworked Excalibur staff when he Captain Righteous meet. The two discuss what’s up and enter the building. Mr. Brown has the equipment the team ordered and presents further information to the assembled team. He also alerts them to an inquiry headed by the MPs in Parliament. They are going to question the group about their actions. He is supportive of them and provides all of the information he has. This leads to two things, first, the team calls in reserve member Red Reactor. Second, it leads to BC questioning what the symbol Oberon was designing did. BC investigates it and discovers that a local collector has a book that could give further information on it. He goes to investigate with Captain Righteous when Adam Jenson arrives to destroy the heroes. A battle ensues that see Adam Jenson lose and his god allies whisk him away with a victory under the belt, BC steals a book from the severely injured owner who was hurt in the conflict.

The book gives BC enough knowledge to determine that the spell was a summoning spell keyed to his dimension. Intuiting that it was for Puck, the person Oberon came looking for, the heroes go and recreate the circle in Battersea Park as Oberon himself attempted to do a few weeks ago. However, the war is going worse and Oberon has called in the Wild Hunt. These spectral horseman come after the heroes and though Daybreak throws up a barrier of light, some of Oberon’s forces break in. The heroes are able to fight back the hordes long enough for the spell to fire and it does, in fact, summon Puck to their location. Puck stops the conversation by pronouncing himself their sponsor to the Seelie Winter Court. Respecting traditions and law. The Wild Hunt is stopped to allow the offenders to journey to court. They travel through the a rift and sneak through the dark forest where they arrive at the Winter Court. Beseeching Oberon on the heroes behalf, they are able to offer a deal to end the war. They offer Oberon the same experience to each offender that he had. Some hours trapped in his realm and to be beaten unconscious.

Forced to accept the offer because of the rules of the court, Oberon imprisons the heroes. Red Reactor is excluded from this deal and sent back home. Upon their release, the other heroes quickly return back, but BC makes a secret deal with Oberon. He asks for a trade. His son for additional power. Oberon accepts and BC glimpses his son for a brief moment, terrified and confused he looks at the hero before BC fades back to Earth with enhanced abilities and new powers from Oberon. When they return, they realize that the world thinks them martyrs and that it is now nearly three months later


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The Fey War Ends

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