Marvel Superheroes

The Dragon King, the King of the Fairies, and Christmas!

All of That and More!

  • December 2nd, 2015-January 12th, 2016

So, a lot happened last time. To begin with, the B.C. sought assistance about the dream he had been having. This dream of him waking up in bed with a woman’s hand put onto his chest, not made of stone, but flesh, and a soft voice asking what was wrong. He wakes up the same as he always does right as e turns to see the face of the person next to him. This time, he sees Brenden Sparks the Social Media Director for the British Museum asking to take a picture of him as he stands posed in front of the museum. Ignoring him, he visits his performer contacts to find a person who is an expert in dreams and visits Madame Traylan. An astrologist and fortuneteller in a gaudy darkened shop downtown. After paying her fee of 20 Pounds, B.C. gets a reading that tells him of various insecurities of which B.C. does not feel. This “revelation” makes him wonder if he does, in fact, feel insecure about being a homeless street performing statue.

Meanwhile, Wyvern and Cowboy are both jobless and running short on money. Wyvern looks for seasonal work and takes a job at Electronics-R-Us and sells used televisions and new cellphones, but she uses the experience and funds productively to create a series of communicators for the heroes she knows. They come out well and she plans to distribute them soon. Adam Jenson sets higher goals for himself and schedules his interview with the police department. The interview goes poorly as he has no actual qualifications for being a police officer other than being able to shot a man through the head at half a mile away. So, after being rejected, he goes out and stops a group of organized criminals loading illegal weapons off of a boat. That same evening in another part of the city Wyvern stops a small group of Russian Mafia members from harassing Robin of Robin’s Men’s Clothing. Robin has a poor opinion of Wyvern as her single-minded pursuit of one remaining mafia member allowed the other to escape and the fight caused more damage to his shop.

A few days later, B.C. has the same dream once more, but this time instead of fading away and waking up, it shifts into the view of a purple robed figure. An indescribably beautiful woman who presents four candles. Three of those candles are snuffed out quickly, but one remains for an eternity and eventually is blown out by the wind. The robed figure gestures over the candles causing them to disappear, but B.C. looks up and sees a horrifying skeletal figure in the former robes of the human woman. He wakes up in the middle of his statue performance screaming. It frightens the watchers and makes a dent in his performance money. This means he needs longer to visit Madame Traylan. However, as he leaves the British Museum Ralphie catches him and tells him that he met a costume designer for superheroes and wanted to forward her address to B.C. B.C. takes it and heads that way where he meets a small 30 something Indian woman working in the Reynolds Building. She talks to B.C. and offers to design him a suit. (She met Ralphie while working at a soup kitchen where Ralphie greatly exaggerated both B.C.’s role and his own in saving the city from Harbinger)

Wyvern continues her patrols and her work at the electronics store. She foils a minor robbery and gets a call from Corrina. Who wants to hang out. She tries to avoid Corrina, who laments the breakup of their friend group and just serves to annoy Corrina who ends the conversation quickly. Nadia calls Corrina back and makes a plan to meet her instead. The two meet up and talk, but Nadia is very gloomy as she has been through some horrible stuff lately. Meanwhile, Cowboy goes house and job hunting. Not finding anything on the first front, but does find quick employment at TriSec a security company. He’s hired there and assigned to work at a branch of Timely Robotics.

While he is on patrol, he passes near the Robin’s Men’s Clothing store that Wyvern has saved, however when B.C. passes by the store, it is aflame. The building caught on fire. Adam Jenson arrives as well. The two of them goes to work trying to fight the fire. Wyvern also on patrol, notices the fire and jumps to the scene. She lands on top of the building and tries to absorb the fire, but her power fails here. Meanwhile, on the inside, B.C. proceeds to save clothing from the store. Adam Jenson is searching for a water supply. While B.C. saves clothing, Robin blames the heroes and Wyvern in particular for causing the fire. B.C. hears a cracking noise as the fire escape starts to pull loose and goes and hold it to the wall as people flee down it. On the inside, Adam finds a firehose and starts to fight the fire. The fire department starts to arrive. On top of the building, Wyvern starts to absorb the fire and does absorbing much of the flames. Adam is able to put out the remainder as Wyvern leaves and Robin curses the heroes while being happy his building survived.

Next, B.C. males a trip back to Madame Traylan to have her decipher the next part of his dream. Madame Traylan gives B.C. a surprisingly insightful reading while simultaneously making money off him. Then as B.C. is about to leave, she warns him to beware of reptiles. B.C. takes these warnings seriously and leaves. He leaves and goes on patrol.

B.C. and Cowboy meetup on patrol when both hear loud noises from near the Brtish Museum. The two heroes arrive on the scene to see the Dragon King making his way towards the building. B.C. confronts him and Dragon King remembers B.C. from their embarrassing last encounter. Dragon King forgets about the museum and combat begins. Dragon King nearly takes B.C. down with one blow injuring him badly. B.C. calls in Wyvern and then leaps to Battersea where the city is nearly abandoned. Adam tries to fight Dragon King alone and gets beaten down and carried by his face to Battersea and flung away like a rag doll. The fight continues there for a minute while B.C. tries to escape from Dragon King who is intent on B.C. death. Wyvern arrives and fight goes poorly. B.C. flees the battlefield and leaps to the ocean. Captain Britain and Eryn arrive and help Wyvern and Adam fight Dragon King. Everyone except Eryn is defeated and Eryn is knocked away, but B.C. finds his courage and lands back to fight Dragon King once more and at the very limits of his health, he defeats Dragon King as Eryn manages to come back. B.C. and Eryn talk for a moment about B.C.’s dreams and the magical nature of Dragon King. Eryn heals the party and teleports Dragon King to prison. He leaves and B.C. and the heroes go to the dedicated news crew that videotaped the battle that devastated a block of Battersea.

The next day is Christmas so the heroes all do their Christmas activities. Wyvern visits her mother. Adam talks to his family and goes to a bar. B.C. goes caroling and goes to an orphanage.After Christmas, the heroes exchange contact information and B.C. exchanges info with Captain Britain. Wyvern builds more communicators and Adam starts working at Timely Robotics. B.C. meets with the designer, Radikha once more.

Days later in the early part of January, the heroes see St. James Park blocked off by police officers. A powerful wizard is causing havoc. The heroes go in and prepare for a fight, but B.C. is able to reason with Ithe person known as Oberon. Oberon is engaging in mayhem to aleviate boredom and despite Wyvern’s best efforts to start a brawl, B.C. convinces Oberon to go home with limited destruction.


Though loosely based on the Dragon King battle, Twas the Battle Before Christmas is also a reference to that particular adventure…and one I am particularly proud of…


“Despite Wyvern’s best efforts to start a brawl….”? He wrapped her up in plants and vines and sucked her 12 feet underground!!!


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