Marvel Superheroes

The Battle Rages On

First Battle Versus Kang and Scarlet Centurion

The heroes in France (Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg), Golem (Emet), Mr. Virtue, and Tycho (Ertannu)) are assaulted by Kang’s forces. The battle line is able to hold, thanks in no small part to Hercules, Thor, Firebird and She-Hulk but the fighting is completely brutal and the heroes feel the forces which Kang brings against them. The commander of Kang’s forces calls down an orbital strike on Thor which causes massive damage to the surrounding area and hurts Thor badly. The heroes Micromax and Peregrine fall to the strength of Kang’s Growing Men. While, they are able to save the life of Micromax, Peregrine is dashed against the defenses and his innards are spread across the battlefield. This was disheartening to the team but they held out and drove Kang’s forces off for the first day.

The next day, they were given a special mission to go and assault the commander of Kang’s forces. That night Thor had built a tunnel to the front of their base. So, when the heroes awoke, they were promptly sent to assault the main command center. The heroes crossed into the base and met some guards out front. The were nearly all defeated except one specially trained guard. He was able to hold the line until reinforcements arrived in the form of a small squadron of metahumans. The two sides entered into battle and the heroes had taken serious damage when the tide of battle changed. Mr. Virtue was able to convince Kang’s Super Soldier to switch sides. With his assistance, the heroes were able to make a break for the inside of the command center. When they entered the place, they met the Scarlet Centurion. After a fierce battle, the heroes were able to defeat the Centurion and capture him. They stripped him of his staff and awarded it to their new found ally.

The heroes quickly returned the way they came and found out that Kang was assaulting Washington DC with Sentinels. (See previous entry). Thor created a portal and went there. Thor battled holographic Kang over DC, but lost. After a few short moments, Thor plummeted to the Earth. DC was destroyed and everyone inside killed. This marked the end of the war efforts. Kang quickly steam rolled over the rest of the world and took over for a short period.



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