Marvel Superheroes

The Adoring Public

A Media Attack

The public is turned against the heroes by the work of a mysterious villain and the work of the Anarchist.

The Anarchist releases a video of Lanthanoid’s murder of Flagsmasher in Kazakhistan. This causes the public of the world to view the group poorly but that was all that came out of it. Until a new character ________ used his significant resources to convince the police to issue warrants on their arrests and put out a bounty on the heroes. AIM, contacted the individual and offered the ability to defeat the group with a Super-Adaptoid robot. The villain accepted conditionally, the condition was that the robot must defeat the group before he would pay. The robot went out and fought Golem (Emet), Tartarus, and Lanthanoid. It was defeated easily but the group learned that the robot duplicated the heroes powers and had duplicated the powers of superheroes across the world. Lanthanoid chased down and repeatedly tried to destroy the defeated enemy. Eventually, he succeeded and the Super-Adaptoid fell.



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