Marvel Superheroes

Talking About Fight Club and Making it Back to Earth

Those Poor Gladiators. They Never Stood a Chance

In this session, we had a series of combats against gladiators on the planet Danti. The heroes competed in a number of battles and were able to overcome nearly all of their opponents. This gave them enough funding to purchase a powerful ship on Danti’s notoriously open markets. After about two weeks of minor repairs and upgrades to the new ship (Including refinishing Dr. Tomorrow’s room into an English manor style room, the heroes took off. They were not far from the center of the Shiar Empire and traveled towards home. The trip took a while and, thanks to good decisions in their preparations, was uneventful. There were some appearances of ruptures in space, but the heroes were easily able to avoid them.

The group made the jump back into the Milky Way and the Shiar portal landed them close to Earth. As they made their final approach to Earth and were passing the orbit for Mars, a rocket-like ship from Sakaar scrapped past them, damaging their new ship. They made an emergency landing, at the same time the mysterious ship crash landed, in the Blue Area of the Moon. Immediately, they were approached by four Inhuman guards who told them “The King of the Inhuman’s, Black Bolt, demands your presence.”


Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Dr. Tomorrow


Ah, the importance of Earl Grey tea by the synthetic fireplace while hurtling through the cosmos. What those Ruffian Nasa folk don’t know they’re missing!


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